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Lobitos, Peru surfing - January 15 & 16, 2011 - Perfect

by David and Josh Schneider
(Los Organos, Peru, South America)

Lobitos Peru surf 2011

Lobitos Peru surf 2011

Summer weather (in Peru) was already here with very warm beach temps and cool water in Lobitos, slight offshore breeze at 11:00 a.m., picking up later but cross/offshore all day.

Summer surfing starts in N. Peru in December for early north swells and a few south swells are also coming through. N. Peru is basically from Talara (most western point of Peru) north, so picks up norths well. But spots like Lobitos (just north of Talara) and others will break great also on some south swells.

Surf was consistent for the two days, slightly less on Sunday but still bringing sets up to solid 8-foot with most in the 6-foot range.

The number of people surfing varied. At "El Hueco," the super hollow and critical point, got up to around 12 people. Lobitos at one point must have had 30 or more out. But with the sets and long long waves with various fast section, they were spread all over the place and not crowded.

Unbelievably on Sunday morning when we got there around 9:30 a.m., there were only a couple of people out. Wow!

At the Muelle "pier" there were 0-a few people out, good waves. We didn't check out "Piscinas," a little farther north on the beach. It is supposed to be good, too. The waves are right in front of the main parking area and huge beach for local families. The bottom at "Lobitos" breaks off a rocky sandy reef and immediately peels down an all-sand beach. The sand becomes shallow for a long way on the inside so kids can play in the water and never be near the surfers outside.

It is a long paddle back out at "Lobitos" itself, so you will see a constant stream of surfers, guys and gals, walking back up the beach.

Unfortunately, the sand does not always stay where it should be and Lobitos itself does not break good if the sand disappears. Then its time to head to other close-by surf spots.

Our friend IƱigo hit the waves with his super-hot kite surfing in this unusual late south swell on Saturday afternoon. I'll try to post some pics of him later if I can get some off a more zoom-friendly camera.


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Mar 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

just get bus to talara then head for lobitos a guy called tito will help you there good luck

Feb 28, 2011
To Go to Cabo Blanco and Lobitos from Mancora
by: David Schneider (Inside Peru)

Here is how to get to Cabo Blanco and Lobitos from Mancora.

Cabo Blanco - Take the EPPO bus to El Alto, about 35 minutes.

In El Alto cross the main street and go left about 30 feet where you will look down a open space to a park about 100 feet away. There are mini vans (combis) that leave there for Cabo Blanco. They will wait for passengers to fill up before leaving, so if you're in a hurry, you can pay for the empty seats, probably less than $8 dollars USD for the empty van. To come back, reverse the procedure.

Lobitos - Take the same EPPO bus but pay to go to Talara, about 1 hour and 35 minutes. As you leave the bus station in Talara, there will be "motos" (tricycle motorcycle cabs). Tell them "combi a Cabo Blanco."

They will take you to where the van leaves for around $.50 cents USD. Again, the van will wait for passengers. Pay the driver S/.20 soles to take you immediately and drop you right at the beach. To get back, reverse the procedure. the only difficulty might be no vans at the surf beach.

If so, go to the nice small hotel there and have them call a moto to take you to the combi stop.

If you leave Mancora at 6 in the morning, you could be in the water at Lobitos around 8:30 a.m.

If you would rather have a surfer take you from Mancora, it is an excellent option and will cost you around S/. 200 soles (about $70.00 USD) for the whole car the whole day. If there are four of you it is well worth it.

If you want to hire a car and driver, contact me through this site.

Available are:

The vehicle and driver.

A large variety of boards to rent.

Kite boarding with a pro and rental gear.

Lodging and food.

Let me know the dates, and what you want and I can set it up.

Have fun, great waves!

Feb 17, 2011
Looking for surfing buds 2-2011 Lima
by: Oso

Hi, I'm a 40sh longboarder from California vacationing in Peru. I'm in Miraflores Lima and would like to meet other surfers to rent a car with to visit the great breaks south of Lima. Cars cost between 50-80 soles/day. My phone's 988 296 999 mail at oso(at)quilla(dot(net. I speak fluent spanish and have been here a number of times. Staying through February.
Tip/vent: if you wish to explore Peru's surf, you need a car -hardstop. Buses/colectivos/taxis are just a constant hassle. Tours are pricey. Local friends with cars and able and $ to travel scarce. If you're staying for over a month ---worth it to buy and sell a car for 1500-3000$. If you don't want to drive - drivers are cheap or perus surfer friends will be happy to drive. What I end up doing most oft is flying/colectivo-ing to a surf town e.g. mancora, and just staying there. But it's frustrating because even if you're a good spot one still wants to check out nearby, better, or less busy breaks and you needs you some wheels. In lima, I sometimes pay a taxi to drop me off and pick me up for 20 soles (pay at the end). You can rent boards for 20/hr +10/hr wetsuit at Makaha beachbreak. A ride out to Herradura and back --- 30-50. Believe me, it adds up. Still, Peru is one of the world's greatest surf countries. Powerful, consistent,sometimes perfect.1 month of surfing here will up your fitness and ability like a P90X routine.

Feb 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

hey is there a place to stay. when is the best time for surfing their

Feb 02, 2011
Lobitos surf great place
by: Anonymous

Wow, wish I was there

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