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Lobitos and Chicama - Surfing Peru

by Andy
(Truckee, CA)

Tyler waiting for the swell to come up

Tyler waiting for the swell to come up

Lobitos and Chicama are two amazing wave setups. Given that we were there the wrong time of year for swell, we still got some really good waves.

Lobitos was small for sure, but amazing waves up and down the beach. Seemed to not get as much wind as Chicama, but with the way the wind wraps around the cliff in Chicama it was always off shore.

We did hit some swell in Chicama which made for a really fun day. The currents there are gnarly though. Easy to get out, but the water rips you down the point faster then you can paddle.

Couple hollow sections but a very rippable wave. Longest left I have ever ridden for sure. It was about a 20 minute walk back up the beach at times.

Some guys hired a boat to take them back to the peak, but I didn't mind the exercise.

Another tip if it's your first time traveling to Peru to surf. The swell predictions are always much bigger then it really is. 10ft. was about head high. Maybe it was just the swell direction and how protected the points are, but the 2 weeks we were there it was always smaller then predicted.

This is ok because they get lots of swell. Their winter go south, there summer go North is my suggestion.



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Oct 14, 2010
Surfing Lobitos and Chicama
by: Anonymous

Your photos are really nice, what great colors!

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