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Limited Comments and Additions to this Page

by David Schneider
(Los Organos, Peru, South America)

Lin and I with the Rosados from Rimac, Lima

Lin and I with the Rosados from Rimac, Lima

Because of the possibility of unknowingly adding information from persons not in good standing, we have decided not to add web sites unless we receive information from brothers whom we know personally.

Questions about living, working, etc, in other countries as applies to JWs are fine and invited, however.

We do not discuss doctrinal or any other religious issues here. It is mainly for a chance to get a closer look at other countries for those with a desire to serve there.

We will screen all comments. Thank you for bringing to our attention anything at all that may not reflect a Christian point of view.

David and Lin

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Volunteer Missionary Peru
by: David

The address of the Peru branch, as found in the back of your bible at the time of writing is:

Service Department
Apartado 18-1055
Lima 18
Peru, SA

If you write directly to the branch, you will likely get a response telling you to talk to your congregation coordinator first.

For encouragement and support in your desire to serve where there is a big need in another country, find out if there are others in congregations around you who have shared in the volunteer missionary work. Try to get together with them in person or by phone or email.

Keep up with your excellent goals and work towards them!

moving to peru
by: Anonymous

i am thinking about doing missionary work in Lima. I visited there last summer with some brothers & sisters. who is the person in charge there that I can talk to about this, to try to convince my parents that this is a good idea? thanks!~

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