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Lima, Peru Airport

by Collin
(Trujillo, Peru)

Lima Peru airport 1

Lima Peru airport 1

Out of the many airports we have experienced in Latin America, the Lima, Peru airport is one of our favorites. It is modern, clean, easy to move around in, spacious, has WiFi and good fast food as well as a good selection of comfortable restaurants.

When we made a stop in the Santiago, Chile airport when returning to Peru from our daughter's wedding, I was anticipating a very nice airport there, also. Chile has a reputation of being one of the most modern of the South American countries. Boy, were we disappointed. Not only did it look like an unfinished warehouse, there were only two places to get a meal!!! Not only that, but there was an awful lack of signs. For example, when we got off the plane and went up the stairs to the main area, we were looking for a bathroom. We noticed others who had been holding it in until landing also looking for a bathroom. There were no signs. After walking back and forth, all had to stop someone and ask, at which point they were directed back to the top of the stairs and then to the left, where there was some construction going on. Why was there not a sign at the top of the steps???

Anyway, I am diverging. Again, the Lima Peru airport is not like that.

Since a lot of flights get in late and then most have to leave very early to take a flight to Cusco, you see a lot of mochileros (backpackers) sleeping on the floor in the main lobby area. However, don't do that. It is highly uncomfortable and is also not that safe, as it is open to teh public.

Instead, go through to the boarding area. There you find much more commodious and padded chairs, a lot of room, quiet, and security.

All in all, the Lima, Peru airport is one of the nicest ones we have visited. You will appreciate it!

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