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LAN Peru Airlines - South America Air Travel

 LAN Peru S.A. is an airline based in Miraflores, Lima, Peru  and serves as Peru's major player on the global airline scene.

Peru Ongoing Campaign

Lin and I both like LAN better than any of the other air services to Peru.

We highly recommend you check their prices before purchasing tickets elsewhere!

LAN Peru Airline is Recommended by Inside-Peru

LAN Peru is the main airline in Peru.
  • It is a subsidiary of the Chilean company LAN Airlines and its South America air travel coverage is among the most widely used in SA.

  • LAN Peru as a subsidiary was started here in 1998 and has been growing since then.

  • Now, it flies to more than 25 destinations in Peru.

  • LAN Peru also provides a range of South America air travel and flights to North America and Europe.

LAN Peru Airlines
Flights to Peru - LAN Peru Airlines
A nicely-run fleet consisting mainly of Airbus passenger planes

A popular LAN flight that has been recently added is a night-time non-stop from San Francisco.

LAN Domestic Flights (within Peru) include:

Lima (hub)

LAN to North and Northeast Peru:

LAN to South and Southeast Peru:

What airlines does LAN partner with?


In 2004, LAN became a member of oneworld (tm) and now works along with:
  • American Airlines and Alaska Airlines to U.S. destinations;
  • British Airways and Iberia to European destinations;  TAM Linhas Aereas to Brazilian internal destinations;
  • Korean Air to Asian destinations;
  • Qantas to some destinations in Australia and New Zealand, and
  • AeroMexico and Mexicana
  • Comprehensive South America air travel

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Why Do We Recommend LAN Peru?

As far as Lin and I and the rest of the staff (one hermit crab) at Inside-Peru, we have traveled from USA to Peru, to Chile, to Bolivia, and domestic flights in Peru on LAN and have always enjoyed good service and surroundings.

We are not alone. The vast majority of purchasers of South America air travel tickets report that they have been quite favorably impressed with LAN Peru Airlines and would definitely recommend the company to friends and family.

Of course, like any airline, there will be some inconveniences due to delays, weather, etc; but LAN Peru really compares well with the best of the lot.

A nice benefit is the payment options. You can pay with credit card or Paypal.

Another benefit is that LAN does not normally charge extra for surfboards checked in as luggage.


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