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Imagine being an entrancing island.

Now picture that island afloat on the azure ocean.

Finally, think of that ocean being at the exhilarating altitude of 3,811 m (12,500 ft) above sea level!

Well, that's what you'll find on reaching Lake Titicaca, high in the Andes Mountain range of Southern Peru and Northern Bolivia.

And there are many more reasons why travelers find "El Lago Titicaca" so intriguing and delightful.

Lake Titicaca Map

The highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca also covers an extensive area (see below) and contains a number of islands.

Lake Titicaca straddles the border between Peru and Bolivia, both of which have several towns on the lake catering the fishing and tourist trades.

Map of Peru showing Lake TiticacaMap of Peru showing Lake Titicaca

On the Peru side of Lake Titicaca (Lago Titicaca), you can locate the two main cities, Juliaca and Puno.

Juliaca is a bustling city, where you will land if you arrive by airline.

A short trip from Juliaca takes you to Puno, where you find a number of hotels and tours available. Lake Titicaca weather is generally fair. The area is fairly dry although remains green most of the year.

Llamas and other domesticated grazing animals do well in the area's pasture lands.

Lake Titicaca is located at the extreme south of Peru and is shared by Bolivia

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Although not all are visible on the map of Lake Titicaca, there are 27 rivers that feed this lake.

These rivers drain water from an area measuring 58,000 km2 (22,400 sq mi) or about 225 miles long and 100 miles wide.

The surface of "El Lago Titicaca" itself covers 8,372 km2 (3,232 sq mi), and contains the largest amount of water of any lake in South America.

The enchanting floating islands on Lake Titicaca, of which there are many, are a captivating feature, as are the eye-catching reed boats and the colorful local culture.

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