Peru Flag Colors

La Vuelta, Los Organos, Peru Surf

by David
(Los Organos, Peru, SA)

November swell

November swell

The surf season hasn't opened here. The last off-season swell we had was around the middle of November.

Not that we expect a lot until later this month. But there are no early swells this "winter" (summer here) yet. It's going to get nice smaller waves for a day or two this week and then go totally flat in about 5 days, something that I've never seen here before. However, with the swells in the N. Pacific showing now, we should be getting some good waves by the beginning of next week...I hope!

Anyway, the weather is beautiful in the low 80s and water is warming up too. Light balmy breezes either offshore or along shore make it nice beach weather, that's for sure!


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