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June 14, 2010 - Puno's Problems Resolving, Titicaca Quieter?

by David Schneider @
(Los Organos, Piura, Peru)

Initial reports today, June 14,2010, are that the proposed hydroelectric dam (Hidroeléctrica del Inambari) was suspended. This has been one of the key issues in the strikes that have closed the international border with Peru at Puno.

The assistant Minister of Energy, Luis Gonzales Talledo, stated that the dam project is now dismissed.

There are no reports, however, that the strike has ended.

Other demands regarding mining and pollution in the Puno area have not been met, and it remains to be seen what develops.

Please change travel plans to avoid the Puno/Lake Titicaca area of Peru.

Bolivia is also facing strikes of transportation after a 24-hour strike yesterday. A meeting tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th, will determine if an indefinite strike will be called.

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