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Enjoy some of the other countries where the worldwide teaching and preaching work is being done.

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From David and Lin - Here are the pics of the 2010 KH build in Los Organos, Peru.

To pause the slide show, move your mouse pointer over the photo. To start the slides again, press your F5 key

David and Lin - The first photo was July 22, 2010. The first step was demolishing the existing building, and the slides start at the end of the part.

All the workers for the whole job were volunteers. There were from 40 to 160 on any given day. Nobody got paid, just fed; and housed if they stayed overnight.

The last photo was taken October 24 with hall completed and a few landscaping things still being done.

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About This Peru Web Site and David and Lin Schneider

Lin and I are Jehovah's Witnesses (known also as self-supporting missionaries, volunteer missionaries or needgreaters) and have created this page on Jehovahs Witnesses Sites.

We spend a lot of time involved in Bible education here in the town of Los Organos on the north coast of Peru along with our many local friends.

We also spend a hunk of time on our websites, our source of income, one of which is this Peru site (see About Us) in the left-hand column.

Here's a page that could serve for news and info from us and other JWs in Peru or who are helping in other areas of the world.  

Really, we created this page as a place to put up a slide show of building our new Kingdom Hall (Salon del Reino) and may possibly add to it in the future.

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Sis Rosa Fiesta's Restaurant here - Cebiche anyone?
hotels in Arequipa Peru, Arequipa Hotels
Katrina Vaughn with Rosa at El Manglar Restaurant
Los Organos, Peru

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