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Covering a huge expanse of the Pacific ocean, the islands of oceania form an incredibly rich variety of cultural experience.

Although the name or nomenclature for this vast and exotic group of lands differs according to use and person, one thing holds true. You will find rich travel opportunities that cannot be found in any other part of the world.

The Australian continent is sometimes included in this group; however, as a continent with its cultures, style and many travel destination, it really belongs in its own distinct category. Australia, for that reason, has its own page.

Each of the Islands of Oceania travel sites listed or reviewed below has been selected by the Inside-Peru staff (David and/or Lin) personally.

Not only do they contain some of the best Islands of Oceania travel deals, these travel sites go much further with entertaining and informative content on culture, customs, people, and photos as well as where to go and what to see.



Fiji Budget Vacations

This attractive site provides information that is important to you, whether you have already made plans to visit Fiji or if you are just looking and dreaming at this point.

Here's what I personally was looking for:

  • Videos and Pictures of Fiji
  • Fiji is one of the more picturesque island groups of the Pacific and it is logical that most of us want to see a lot of photos.

    Fiji-Budget-Vacations offers a limited number of photographs in the themed gallery - slide shows featuring a resort, a boating tour, and a village - with about 27 photos.

    The site is richly laced with good photographs throughout, though, so traveling through its pages we get a lot of the local scenery.

    Even better is a collection of six (at this time) videos on various aspects of Fiji. My favorite was the surfing, but I have to admit that the underwater shots on the diving video were really outstanding.

    Summary: I feel this site is definitely worthwhile checking out right now. There are already quite a few pages up and many more are planned. If you're interested in learning more about Fiji, take a look and bookmark it for future updates.

    New Zealand

    Holidays in New Zealand

    This site is a comprehensive guide to planning independent your trip to New Zealand.

    Included are:

    •     Information

    •     Suggestions and recommendations

    •     Tips and tools

    There are many useful pages here to help you plan a travel itinerary that includes the wide range of experiences to be found in this beautiful country.

    More New Zealand

    New Zealand Travel Whether or not you really, really enjoy  this country has a lot to do with getting from one place to another.

    How will you get around on your New Zealand travel?

    New Zealand travel experiences are greatly influenced by the means of transport.

    Hiking and Cycling

    Hiking or cycling jump to mind in a country whose trademark is nature. Usually, however, New Zealand tourists want to see it all on their once in a life time journey.

    Therefore bus, train, or self driving holidays move into the centre of interest.

    What about you? On this site, you'll enjoy seeing what is available and the information you'll need to make a good decision as far as your travel choice.

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