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Isla San Lorenzo con Bruma - July 2011 Peru Photo Contest

by Gerardo Pajuelo
(Lima, Peru)

Isla San Lorenzo con Bruma - Barranco, Peru

Isla San Lorenzo con Bruma - Barranco, Peru

~by Gerardo Pajuelo

Tomada en un día brumoso en el distrito de Barranco, Provincia de Lima, Peru.

Taken on an overcast day in the district of Barranco, Province of Lima, Peru.

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Map of Barranco, Lima showing the Isla San Lorenzo off of Callao:

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Added Information:

Just to the north of Lima is Callao, which serves as the primary port for goods entering and leaving Peru.

About 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) off the point of Callao is the Isla San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo Island). As you can see on the map, the camera angle was from the bluffs of southern Lima looking to the northeast.

It's interesting that the Isla San Lorenzo is the biggest island of Peru, although it measures only about 1.2 miles wide by 4.9 miles long (2 kilometers by 8 kilometers). The center of the island rises to a height of around 1250 feet (390 meters).

Due to the lack of water, the island has never boasted a permanentl human population. At the current time, however, the island does contain a small navy base. Just off of the main island lie several smallers island noted for the large population of sea lions.

The history of this small island does play a role in human drama, however. In ancient times, it was visited frequently; being used as a cemetery by various people on the coast of Peru.

In the Spanish Colonial times, the quarries of the Isla San Lorenzo yielded the stones to build some famous edifices such as the Presidio of Callao.

Later, this island was a base of operations for several famous pirates in their attacks on the wealthy Port of Callao, such as Sir Fracis Drake and Jacob Clark (who died of the plague and was buried alongside some of his men on the island itself).

In various conflicts, Peru fortified the island as a buffer against enemy attacks. Charles Darwin explored the island in 1835, noting its geologic and natural features.

The extreme southern end of the island has been excavated in modern times, revealing the burial places and many artifacts of the period from 900-1532 CE. Twenty of these sites were declared as "Patrimonio Cultural de la Nacion" or Cultural Heritage Sites in 2010.

~Added by David Schneider (Chief Chef at Inside-Peru)

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