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Is a yellow fever vaccination required in Peru? Where to get it?

by David
(Los Organos, Peru)

Lima Airport Peru - Jorge Chavez International

Lima Airport Peru - Jorge Chavez International

A yellow fever vaccination is RECOMMENDED if you will be traveling in the jungle areas. It takes 10 days to become effective.

Places in Lima where the vaccine can be administered:

Jorge Chavez International Airport (best and most convenient)
First Floor
Service hours are every day, 4:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. then 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Closed between 1:30 and 5 p.m.
Tel: (01) 575-1845

International Vaccination Center (may change)
Calle Yupanqui 1400, Lima
Service hours: M-F 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tel: (01) 264-6889

Maybe available at a private clinic, but we got the go around... and around. Even the International Red Cross did not have it.

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Yellow Fever Vaccination for Bolivia
by: David - Inside-Peru

Those are good questions..

First, we don't know if the hours have changed at the airport. They seemed very responsible last year when we went to Bolivia but then again, even if the hours are still the same, there is a slight chance the person won't be there.

Second, although you are told you need a yellow fever shot to get into Bolivia, we have never known anyone to have been asked.

The first time we went to Bolivia we didn't have shots and were never asked. Before we took a trip to the Chapare (jungle area), we got yellow fever shots in Cochabamba. Supposedly, those are required to travel into the jungle area and we got a card. But that card is not an international card (good for other countries).

Then when we did go to the jungle a number of times, we were never asked for the card, either on the airlines or by bus. The locals we traveled with didn't even know they were supposed to have shots. So most people don't get them.

Our Recommendation?

These are third-world countries. In relation to yellow fever shots, we feel you need to get them if you are traveling to the jungle. Make sure there are 10 days before you do go to the jungle. Although the chances of getting yellow fever are small and I tend to minimize these things, wife Lin is smarter and makes me do them.

Try to get your yellow fever shots at the airport in Peru. It is by far the best place to get them done.

If you can't don't sweat it. There is almost zero chance of ever being asked for proof at the border. If you are asked, just say there was no vaccine available (this is a regular occurence a probably true) and/or that the clinic was closed. Again, 99% of people (locals) crossing the border don't have them.

And...have a great time, we know you will!

Still Accurate?
by: Parker

I am interested in getting my Yellow Fever shot for entry into Bolivia while at the Lima airport this upcoming August (2011). Is the data stated here still accurate, i.e. open at 4:30am? Are there problems entering Bolivia overland (via lake titicaca) when the shot has only been administered a day or 2 before?

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