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Inoculations needed for Machu Picchu?

by Judith

Traveling with General Tours in November 2011...what do we need for inoculations please?

Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands

Hi Judith,

No vaccinations are required for either of those areas. Keep updated on the news in case their are any outbreaks of concern.

We post updates on our blog and on our news page when something comes up that will affect travelers.

There are certain areas in Peru where there are some problems with dengue fever (north tropics) and a yellow fever shot is recommended if you are going to the jungle areas. Malaria pills also may be taken but haven't proved to be real efficient.

However, you won't be traveling in any of the tropical lowlands, so don't need to worry about those.

The main thing you do need to do is avoid drinking water, juices, or ice cubes, since the water here in Peru is not safe but restaurants and people in general use it anyway.

Also, avoid any salad vegetables that are not cooked. Food workers tend to slice up salads using the same cutting board they cut up chicken and fish without washing it in between.

Fruits that you can peel are fine to eat. Any food that comes to you sizzling hot is great, and Peru is noted for its excellent cuisine, so aside from those raw things and water (drink bottled water), you're okay.

You'll have a great time and will love Peru and the Galapagos!

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