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Information on Venezuela Safety

by CreativeThings
(Valencia, Venezuela)

I would like to share information on Venezuela security and safety for the traveler.

Information on Venezuela Safety - Some Facts

The biggest problem we have in our country, Venezuela, is the insecurity. Kidnappings, robberies and murders abound every day. If we do a survey about how many people have been robbed, the numbers must be alarming.

Here is an example, a very sad one: my close family is about 17 members, in which ones 13 have been robbed, that means the 77% of it.

Information on Venezuela Safety
Information on Venezuela
Venezuela Ecléctica
by  Gabriel S. Delgado

So, here are my advices about information on Venezuela safety:

1.    When you are walking around the street, you have to check there is anybody suspicious walking behind you. If there is somebody, you must cross the street. If there is somebody even in front of you that looks doubtful, do the same. Be alarmed at every moment, and try to don’t dress value clothes or jewelry on you while walking in the street.

2.    If a robber catches you, give him everything he asks for. Murders are around the corner and you don’t know what he or she is capable to do. In 2010, 17.600 murders were reported in Venezuela.

3.    When you are driving, be careful about where and when are you rolling down the window, specially when you are driving a nice car. Do not park your car far away from where you are. Insurance is a requisite indispensable for having a car in Venezuela. Do not stay alone inside the car waiting for someone instead you are in a safety zone. Do never left the car open.

4.    Be careful of having a luxury life, with great houses or nice cars, because that puts you in danger of being kidnapped.

Personal Information on Venezuela's Lack of Security

When I was 16 years old, at 7:00pm of a normal day, I heard a few shots outside of my home, and when the shots finished we went out to see what happened and there was a murdered man across the street. Apparently, two robbers tried to robber a motorcycle and as they tried, the neighborhoods started shooting them and killed one of them.
Things like that happen really often all over the country, that is that 95% of Venezuelan people consider the insecurity as the principal problem of the nation.

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