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Independent Travel in Italy - Hiking Tuscany - Italy Beaches - Rome

Here are Inside-Peru's reviews on travel sites for excellent coverage of tours or independent travel in Italy.

We look for topics of interest to you, such as:
  • Location Travel Guides Italy
  • Hiking Tuscany
  • Day Trips from Rome

  • Italy Beaches
  • Italy Bike Tour
  • Rome & Italy Weather

  • Italy Hiking Tours
  • Rail Travel Italy
  • Italy Travel Vacations

Although our site, Inside-Peru, is logically about the country of Peru in South America, all of us enjoy traveling to a variety of places.

Since information is sometimes hard to dig out about some of our possible destinations, we review sites that we find on the net and review them to save you, hopefully, some time. Here we look at travel guide sites about Italy and its regions, provinces, and cities.

Independent Travel in Italy
Independent Travel in Italy - Travel Guides & Maps - 20 Regions of Italy

Are you traveling to Italy? Get Italy Maps to help you get around!

And enjoy browsing these recommended sites about tours or independent travel in Italy!

Travel to Tuscany

Because Travel to Tuscany author Anastasia lives in Tuscany, she really provides excellent all-around information on the region of Tuscany on the northwest coast of Italy. We especially liked the info on taking a wine tour, Tuscany hiking, and Tuscany bike tours. Here's what we found:

Wine Tour Tuscany

- Two detailed pages (including maps, provinces, and tours) give a good idea of what you can experience in a Tuscany wine tour. Not to mention how to taste Tuscany wine - with first-hand on-the-spot experience.

Anastasia pleasantly provides what we want to know most about Tuscan wine - like her list of best wines, wine making regions and wine serving temperature and tips - for an easy navigation through the big variety of Tuscan wines.

Hiking Tuscany

- Although, we would have liked to see more on actually hiking trails in the region of Tuscany, we thoroughly recommend Anastasia's page on Walking Tours Tuscany.

What we didn't realize is that a full range of Italy's attractions can be found in Tuscany - "sculptures of great Michelangelo and frescos of Leonardo, the Pisa tower and Santa Maria del Fiore, tremendous landscapes and best wine in the world, and even classic Italian language."

Anastasia relates that Tuscany capital Florence is itself a city museum under the open sky. She recommends a guided Florence walking tour that will help you discover all that this Renaissance city is famous for.

Tuscany Bike Tours

- Anastasia covers the main aspects of biking in the Tuscany hills and valleys.

She includes Tuscany biking tips, suggestions, itineraries, maps, guided biking and much more.

On her Tuscany Bike Tours page, she includes a linked list of five recommended tours by bike - an exciting prospect for us biking fans:

  1. Florence Bike Tour
  2. Vespa Day Trip to the Chianti Wine Region
  3. Florence Sunset Bike Tour
  4. Pisa Bike Tour
  5. Tuscany Bike Tour from Florence
Be sure to check out Anastasia's site, Travel to Tuscany
Independent Travel in Italy
Rape Fields in Orcia Vall...
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Independent Travel in Italy
  Wine Tour Tuscany

Independent Travel in Italy
Tuscany Dreams
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Independent Travel in Italy
Wine Tour Tuscany

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Bicycle Parked Outside Historic Food ...
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Independent Travel in Italy
  Tuscany Bike Tours

Lake Garda Italy

The  travel site offers you some important information that can help you in your plans to visit Italy, specifically the fascinating area of Lake Garda.

Here we compare what Lake-Garda-Italy.net offers with some of the information you are looking for:

Photos of Lake Garda

Although there are a few stunning photos of Lake Garda on this site, what are probably much more interesting are the videos.

The Lake Garda videos on this site are well worth watching and give a much better idea of what to do and where to go than do the photos.

Lake Garda Weather

You can find pretty much all you neeed to know about the weather in the Lake Garda area on this site.

Included are monthly averages for temperatures, but this list is kind of hard to figure out.
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Italy - Lake Garda Travel...
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More importantly, there are the current daily reports from several different weather channels right there for you to look at.

Then, you can take a look at the information those weather channels offer if you want more detail.

Lake Garda Hotels

You won't need to go any further than this site to choose your Lake Garda luxury hotels, small, hotels, and villas.

Complete information and booking is available for the many locations around the lake.

Lake Garda Ferries

Being a very large lake with lots of places to see, ferries play an important role not only for the locals but also for the traveler.

There are at least 15 towns along the lake that are served by ferries.

Unfortunately, ferry information was not available on this site that I could see.

In Conclusion

This site, www.lake-garda-italy.net, gives you a decent overview of some of the activities and life of this area of Itlay. The videos are well worth watching and, if you're looking for info on accommodation, this site has it.
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Malcesine on Lake Garda
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Rome, Lake Garda and more

When I think of Rome, the first picture that comes into my head is of old things - the churches, the Pantheon, the catacombs.

Next, I see a map of the "boot" - Italy extending down into the Mediterranean. And that picture leads me to dwell on beaches, coves, small villages, mountains, lakes and wine.

What do you imagine when you think of Italy?

With its long history and traditions, Italy is naturally high on the list of places visited by tourists.

We reviewed the following sites and found very good information for planning a trip or vacation in Italy.

You'll enjoy browsing your way through the pages of these guides.

Recommended for Perusing (Reading and Looking):

Tuscany: Vistas, Churches, Museums, Art, Villas & Gardens

"Tuscany: Vistas, Churches, Museums, Art, Villas & Gardens - Frescoes, too - they forget to mention those. This plump tomato-ripe, oversize volume features 400 delicious images and flip-out gatefolds of that majestic place that's always under the sun." ~Wall Street Journal

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