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Inca Civilization - Inca Culture

Present-day Peru owes much of its culture and customs to the ancient Inca Civilization that dominated most of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, as well as parts of Colombia, Chile, and Argentina. 

Various elements reveal what much of Inca Civilization and Inca Culture was like.

Some of the following elements of Inca Culture are discussed in more detail on their own pages on this site:
Inca Civlization
Inca History
The biggest and most well known of the pre-Columbian civilizations was the Inca...
Inca History
Inca Civlization Creation Myth
Inca Creation Myth and Other Inca Mythology
The Inca Creation Myth along with other mythology of ancient Inca Civilization is not only interesting to us, but their old mythology actually plays a large part in the indigenous culture of Peru currently...
Inca Creation Myth
Inca Civlization Ancient Clothing Ancient Inca Clothing
Within the Inca society, Inca clothing was a very important and integral part of their culture. To this day, traditional Peruvian clothing...
Ancient Inca Clothing
Inca Civlization Mummies Inca Mummies and Juanita, the Ice Maiden
Inca Mummies REVEALED, including how and where Incan mummies have been found and the Inca ice mummy tombs...
Inca Mummies
Inca Civlization Artifacts Inca Artifacts
Inca artifacts "borrowed" by Yale University and displayed in the Peabody Museum have been popping up in the top archaeological...
Inca Artifacts
Inca Civlization Art Inca Art
The legendary Incas of Peru have been likened to the Romans for the innovations they created during their reign. Their art and pottery...
Inca Art
Inca Civlization architecture Inca Architecture
The most visible remains of the extensive Inca Civilization of Peru are its amazing structures - its Incan architecture; workmanship in...
Inca Architecture
Inca Civlization pottery Inca Pottery
For the Incas and their descendants, the Quechua, pottery has played and continues to play an important part of life. Of the two...
Inca Pottery
Inca Civlization food Inca Food
The role that food played in the Inca Empire was far more important than as just a source of nourishment. In what way?
Inca Food
Inca Civlization pictures Inca Pictures
Photos of the amazing legacy of the Incas, who left their mark in architecture, jewelry, clothing, and more.
Inca Pictures

Overall view of Inca Civilization:

The Quechua and Aymara people of the Andes Mountain regions from Ecuador to Bolivia still maintain many characteristics of their Inca ancestors.

What began as just one of the many hundreds of tribes in the regions now covered by the above countries, the Inca people were to develop into one of the major historical civilizations in earth's history.

Although not as ancient as other giant empires, the Inca civilization and culture became one of the world's wonders in terms of their architectural prowess as well as the size of their dominion.

Centered in the still-existing town of Cuzco nestled in the high Andes Mountains in Southern Peru, the Inca Culture began to expand its influence in 1442; at the height of its power dominating an area the size of

Like other empires that have come and gone, the Inca Empire went through its share of infighting in the royal family.

However, it eventually was established in its far-reaching influence until invaded by Spaniards looking for quick riches.

The Spanish conquerors, led by an infamous adventurer named Francisco Pizarro in 1533, slowly brought the Inca Empire to its knees.

Inca Civilization
Inca Civlization Atahualpa
Atahualpa - the Last Sovereign Ruler of the Incas
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The Viceroyalty of Peru, a Spanish dominion, was established in 1542, and the mighty Inca Empire finally met its end in the decisive Battle of Vilcabamba in 1573.

"Your emperor may be a great prince; I do not doubt it, seeing that he has sent his subjects so far across the waters; and I am willing to treat him as a brother.

As for your pope of whom you speak, he must be mad to speak of giving away countries that do not belong to him.

As for my faith, I will not change it.

Your own God, as you tell me, was put to death by the very men He created. But my God still looks down on His children."

Atahualpa, Inca Chief

(On hearing Pope Alexander VI had declared Peru to be a possession of Spain.)

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