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I enjoyed my first Peruvian red wine

by jorray
(from Spirit of Wine)

Vina tacama Terroix red wine

Vina tacama Terroix red wine

Hi, thanks to a visit to Peru by my brother and his wife, I had an opportunity to enjoy a Peruvian red wine blend for the first time.

It was a blend of malbec and tannat, called Vina Tacama Terroix, from Ica, vintage 2007. It was a pleasant, mid-red, slightly smoky blend.

More detailed tasting notes are posted here...


Great! I didn't realize Peru had a good mid-red wine. Although I doubt I'll find it here in this small town of Los Organos in the near future, I'll definitely be looking for it when we go to the "big city," Piura, on our next shopping spree.

David (2nd Assistant Editor and Head Office Boy at Inside-Peru)

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