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Human Rights Needs in Peru

by David Schneider
(Los Organos, Peru)

The General Coordinator of Human Rights in Peru brought out recently a list of her priorities for human rights in Peru. Here are what we consider some of the major points:

1 - Repayment for losses to victims of armed conflicts. Terrorism as well as violent conflicts between police and strikers, etc, have occurred in Peru in the recent past without legal process for innocent victims.

2 - The need to bring to justice a number of military and police for gross human rights violations.

3 - The use in Peru of armed forces to maintain internal order within the country; includes using military courts to try non-military people.

4 - The huge issue of corruption in the government and justice system, since it is a major barrier to the progressive forces for human rights; particularly the economic, social, cultural, and environmental rights of indigenous peoples.

5 - The need to respect the human rights of indigenous peoples who are being robbed of their homelands.

6 - The very widespread discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, and social class.

7 - The need for affirmative action to address the situation of persons with disabilities and ensure the rights of women and children and adolescents, many of whom suffer and die with no available help from any agency.

It should be noted, however, that Peru is no worse in these areas than most other third-world countries and is better in many respects than some.

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