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 Huanchaco, Peru

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Huanchaco is most famous for its reed boats, surfing, and as the origin of the tasty seafood dish - ceviche.

A quaint and very old fishing town on the coast of Peru with a long history, Huanchaco is "tranquilo" (quiet) during the off-season winter months.

However, during the summer, from December through March, weekends and holidays can be really crowded, nosiy, and bustling. The most important beach for sunlovers in the city of Trujillo, Peru (pop. nearing 1 million), scenes like the one below are the norm in town.

Lin and I (David)  from moved to Huanchaco in August of 2013 with plans to stay indefinitely. Because Huanchaco retains a small-town flavor yet is only minutes from the amenities of a large city, it is just right for our changing needs as we become more mature (read 'older') beach people.

Interesting Facts and Points of Interest in Huanchaco

In this photo of the "coat of arms" of Huanchaco, you can see what are considered the cultural main points of this town.

Represented clockwise are: The Iglesia (Church) de Huanchaco, the Moche Civilization, the "Caballitos de Totora," and the Chimu Culture.

Iglesia de Huanchaco

Huanchaco's distinctive landmark church was built during the colonial period of Peru's history.

Originally constructed in the lower part of town, it was later moved to the bluff above the town to the Huaca del Pez Dorado, a religious site of the ancient Chimu Empire.

Built in 1537, the Iglesia de Huanchaco is the second oldest church in Peru.

Caballitos de Totora

Caballitos de Totora - Ancient SurfingCaballitos de Totora - The World's Oldest Wave Riders

These reed boats, known as Caballitos de Totora (Reed Ponies) are straddled by local fishermen who paddle them out through the surf... and then ride the waves back in after fishing. Read more...

Surfing in Huanchaco

There are multiple surfing schools here. Some guarantee your money back if you don't stand up on a wave. Since the waves to the north of the pier are always mellow and it is just a few steps off the main drag with easy access, Huanchaco really is an ideal place to learn to surf.

National and international surfing contests are held regularly here; one of the biggest being the ISA World Longboard Championship.

Huanchaco is popular for longboards because of long walls just right for tip riding, a style of riding long boards developed in the early days of surfing popularity and now experiencing a resurge of popularity. 

On any given day, you will see a few shortboarders, longboarders, boogie boarders, and perhaps stand-up paddle boarders out in the long lineups.

Below we'll post a few videos we've taken that help you get an idea of what the surf and beach are like here at Huanchaco on fferent days and swell sizes.

Huanchaco is a very popular surf spot, not onlly with local surfers from Huanchaco and Trujillo; it's also the beach where many international tourists catch their very first wave and actually learn to surf.

Huanchaco has waves pretty much all year around. There are few days that you can't paddle out and catch some fun waves. On other days you probably will rather sit on the beach and watch, as it gets pretty big sometimes.

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The Famous Food of Huanchaco

Huanchaco is also famous as the original home of ceviche - yes, this seafood treat that's known worldwide comes from this small beach town on the Northern Peru coast, according to some sources.

But, wait! Doesn't ceviche warrant a whole page of its own? 

You bet! Go to Best Peruvian Ceviche Recipes for lots of tasty information that will make you long for sun, sand, and seafood.

Places to Stay in Huanchaco, Peru

When Lin and I arrived in Huanchaco in August of 2013 we needed a place to stay while looking for an apartment to rent.

A friend that we had met here took us to two hotels she personally could recommend. The Oceano or more formally the "Hospedaje Oceano," was the one we chose.

We stayed at the Oceano for over 3 weeks and felt right at home. Although the room was small, it was clean with its own bathroom and hot water. There is also a kitchen that we used mainly to make coffee and salads each day.

Since it only has about 5 rooms to rent (more are being added), there isn't a lot of noise and traffic. The owners, Carlos and Esperanza, take care of you personally and are really friendly. Carlos also speaks basic English, which is a plus for many.

As well as renting some rooms, Carlos and Esperanza have great food and coffee, including espressos.

The Oceano:

See the great reviews on TripAdvisor - Hospedaje Restaurant Oceano

Los Cerezos 105, Huanchaco

  • 4.5 of 5 stars - Ranked #1 of 9 hotels in Huanchaco for various years
  • Tell Carlos that David and Linda sent you :-)
  • TripAdvisor - Travelers' Choice award winner 

Another plus is that Carlos, a retired food engineer, makes award-winning cremoladas, an icy fruit refreshment that beats sherbert by far, with exotic real fruit from all over Peru. Perfect the hot days of summer.

iI is very affordable to stay at the Oceano - in the off-season we paid about $10.00 USD per night for a double bed room. 

And you are just a 2-minute walk from the beach and surf spots.

Here's a map that might help:

Where to get off bus in Huanchaco for the Oceano and quick beach accessWhere to get off bus in Huanchaco for the Oceano and quick beach access

As you come into Huanchaco, the beach road becomes one way and the traffic turns right.

If you're on the bus, get off as soon as it makes the turn, then walk one block along beach road to the Oceano (see bus video below)

From Trujillo to Huanchaco

To take the bus from Trujillo, look for the orange/yellow buses that say Huanchaco on them.

It should cost about S/ 1.70 soles per person (about 65 cents USD, but subject to change).

About 15 or 20 minutes should bring you to the ocean. 

As you leave the center of Trujillo, you'll pass a mall on the left that's a good place to shop.

Next, don't miss looking out your window (either side) because the highway goes right through the famous Chan Chan, a huge city of adobe that stretches out of sight in both directions.

The video begins as you approach Huanchaco and indicates where to get off the bus for quickest beachfront access.

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