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Huanchaco Peru ISA Longboard Championship 2013

David and Lin Huanchaco Peru Los Organos

The first World Longboard Championship of the ISA is scheduled for September 22-28 here in Huanchaco, Peru.

Inside-Peru is On the Spot: Lin and I are currently living in Huanchaco and are posting photos and interviews at this world surfing event.

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September 18, 2013 - Start Date Minus Four

Video of Huanchaco Peru ISA Longboard Championship 2013 - Day Minus Four

Contestants from 22 countries are arriving for this week-long contest.

Each National Team consists of up to 2 Open Men, 1 Open Women and 1 Junior Under-18, plus Team Officials.

jersey_and_england huanchaco isa longboard world championship  

Justin Bing, Thomas King, Simone Robb, Ethan Pentz, Deon Bing huanchaco isa longboard world championship 

Interesting notes on Peru's involvement in surfing and the ISA:

The ISA (International Surfing Association) originally began as the ISF (International Surfing Federation) in 1964 at the time of the first World Surfing Championship in Australia.

The ISA is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the world governing authority for surfing and waveriding events: these include: Bodyboard, kneeboard, longboard, tandem, skimboard and bodysurf.

Peru has a long history of surfing and involvement in the ISA.
  • Earliest known surfing craft - Here in Huanchaco, the locals have been riding waves for centuries with their unique reed fishing craft, the "caballitos de totora."

  • The first wold champion of surfing was a Peruvian, Felipe Pomar.

  • The first president of the ISF (pre-ISA) was a Peruvian, Eduardo Arena.

The Huanchaco Peru ISA Longboard Championship 2013 is the first time ever that longboards have had a championship of their own; and in a most appropriate spot, Huanchaco, Peru.

Surf Forecast for Huanchaco

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