How would you describe the typical Peruvian guy?

by Juana
(S. Cal)

Typical Peruvian Guys?

Typical Peruvian Guys?

~ Question submitted by by Juana (Southern California, USA)

Would you describe the typical Peruvian guy as:

  • Short, tall, humorous, serious, sincere, etc?
  • Do they make good husbands?

The woman's point of view...

The man's point of view...

The "Typical Peruvian Guy" from the woman's point of view:

The Typical Peruvian Guy
by: Michelle Dinos

I have been dating a Peruvian man for nearly four years and have spent a large amount of time in Peru during the last five years.

Based on what I have seen and on my own personal experience, this is what I can tell you about Peruvian men.

With regards to physical characteristics, I have found the majority of Peruvian men to be small in stature, especially compared to men from the U.S. or Europe. For example, I am nearly 5’4 and I am about the same height as many men in Peru, if not taller!

In addition, Peruvian men tend to be within the normal weight range, with only a small percentage being classified as obese.

With regards to personal characteristics, I have found men in Peru to be more affectionate than men from other countries.

For example, the majority are quick to hold your hand in public, put their arm around you in public, etc.

They also tend to be humorous and hard-working, as the “machismo” that reigns in Peru pushes them to be the bread makers of the family. However, this machismo also has its disadvantages.

While Peruvian men may be quick to show affection, they may be just as quick to expect their women to be domestic housekeepers, to not talk back, to follow along with what they want to do, etc.

While the level of machismo varies in each man, this way of thinking can cause women to feel disrespected and taken for granted.

In my opinion, I would say that Peruvian men do make good husbands IF there is good communication between both partners! This is essential as the machismo in Peru can lead to misunderstandings and resentment if women begin to feel a lack of respect or consideration from their partner.

If the man is willing to communicate and truly consider his wife’s opinions, that is a good man!

by: Anonymous

I'm married to a Peruvian man with whom we have a son. He is generally a very good person and eager to please our family. But!!!!!!!

He is controlling beyond what is normal for any controlling person.

He does not believe that he is. He truly believes he is helping us. Our son and myself.

He is not abusive though. Constantly in my head weighing out his good intentions and his control issues.

He tries to make changes but it is instilled in him to be in charge. I am Americanizing him little by little! I hope.

We have been married four years and as for what I can tell you, they are wonderful lovers. Ready for sex constantly. Bring on the ice and put in ear plugs.

Peruvian Men - Relationships Books

True about Peruvian men
by: Anonymous

True about Peruvian men very controlling and they tend to be dangerous.

They're not supportive and want the woman to have her own money.

They're too jealous also ...their touchy feelings gets under my skin most's sometimes unnecessary when we trying to have a conversation, think or relax ...ouch ! :-)

Finding help with your guy
by: Soledad

"Men and women communicate differently, and they have unique needs.

"A woman may long to share her feelings openly and often.

"Many men, on the other hand, try to preserve peace by solving problems quickly and avoiding thorny issues.

"How, then, can you bridge these differences and communicate with your husband or wife?"

Read more: Treating Your Mate with Respect

They are best
by: Maria

I love husband from Peru ! They make good family and love nice . He cook good and I like . He da one!

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The "Typical Peruvian Guy" from the man's point of view:

Build Your Marriage Upon the Rock
by: IncaSam

I am a Peruvian-born man.

Never cheated on my wife.
Never treated her as a servant.
Enjoy being with my wife.
Lover her as much as I can.
I am growing old with her.
We have been married 37 years.

However, our marriage is founded on our mutual love and built upon the rock of our Christian faith. We practice our faith in all our daily doings.

We are not perfect or without fault, but love covers a multitude of sins.

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Why are Peruvian men such liars???
by: Anonymous

I had, until recently, been in a relationship with a Peruvian man for six years. During that time, he repeatedly lied to me (some were extremely serious). He even told me that he had had surgery for tumors in his head (which I later got him to admit was a lie). And the worst was that a woman obtained his sperm and inseminated herself and was pregnant with his twins! And this "other woman" wrote to me the most vile, disgusting things you can imagine. But it turned out that not only was the whole story about the twins a lie, the "other woman" didn't even exist! It was the Peruvian man that I loved and was in the relationship with who wrote those awful things to me - he had invented everything, including the "other woman"!!! How could he do this to me??? There were other incidents, but space is limited.

But he looks so fine!!
by: Anonymous

I have been dating a Peruvian hottie for over a year. He looks so fine. Not great in bed but I can't get enough of him. He's arrogant, rude, a user, and more - but most of all, he's gorgeous and has a terrific body. So, I'm helpless. Are all Peruvian men this impossibly fine? If so, maybe I need to find a new one who will be nicer and show more appreciation, but I doubt there are others this fine-looking!

Peruvian Father
by: Anonymous

My Peruvian father was physically abusive to me. He used a belt on us. And he was emotionally abusive to my mother and entire household.

Agree with many people on cheapness and money control issues.

He also never apologizes, is extremely defensive, and is quick to scream at anyone about little things. This is private and public behavior which I have apologized for on numerous occasions. Its embarrassing when he acts up.

Also, he constantly calls women who are not skinny "fat" and negatively comments on their weight. He thinks this is funny but the end result is that all his daughters had eating disorders.

I am sure not all Peruvian men are like this. But watch out for control issues.

Machismo culture in peru
by: Anonymous

First off I want to clarify that I am not speaking for all Peruvian men or women only the ones I have personally met and interacted with over the course of several years.

The Peruvian man I dated was extremely charming,caring,and sensitive...In the beginning of the relationship.

He was successfully able to keep that act up for at least 3 years until his true nature could no longer be contained.

He very insidiously gathered information about my past and sensitive subjects that his family also helped him to do by pretending to be concerned, but unfortunately they were only trying to have material to control and manipulate me with later on.

They all slowly played a part in breaking my self-esteem down one part at a time. They all pretended to be something completely different then how they actually were and very patiently waited until I was completely broken down emotionally, spirituality, and physically to show their true nature and I must say they are very skilled manipulators.

I honestly think that this is the way they were taught to get ahead in life back in Peru and they don't care if it's right or wrong.

My ex never saw his behavior as anything short of perfection. Even when he was physically abusive towards me he would blame me for it and so would his parents. He was even successfully able to severely injure me without getting arrested by several officers who arrived on the scene.

He destroyed my life and never once gave it a second thought. According to him it was entirely my fault.

The thing is,I've read a lot of comments from Peruvians defending this behavior by basically insinuating the same thing - that it was somehow the woman's fault for dating a non-educated, or not waiting to become intimate etc...Well in my case we weren't intimate until 2 years after we began dating and were engaged and nobody in his family except for his mother have anything short of a BA or MA level education and many are successful business owners here in the U.S.

The problem is the machismo culture that reigns supreme in Peru and the fact that many Americans are not aware of this because our culture is completely different.

I would advise anyone who is considering to date outside of their cultural background regardless of how westernized the person seems to do their research and proceed with awareness because the difference could possibly wind up destroying your life and you would never even see it coming.

A Big Mistake You Made
by: Jason

In pretty much all the comments I read, there was one big mistake each of the women made.

They had sex before commitment.

What is commitment? In a relationship it is marriage.

Hold off on sex until he marries you. Although that is not a totally foolproof solution, it definitely will weed out a lot of lying guys who only want what they can get out of you.

If you sleep with him without his marrying you, you deserve what you get.

Before dating, consider the following:

How does this person handle conflict—by insisting on his way, perhaps giving in to "fits of anger" or "abusive speech"? Or does this person show reasonableness—a willingness to yield for the sake of peace when no issue of right or wrong is at stake?

Is the person manipulative, possessive, or jealous? Does he demand to know your every move? "I hear of dating couples who fight because one person can’t stand that the other hasn’t constantly ‘checked in,’ " says Nicole. "I think that’s a bad sign."

How is that one viewed by others? You may want to talk to those who have known this person for some time. That way you will know if he is "well reported on."


by: Anonymous

Like in all countries, Peruvian men are diverse and differences can even vary by region. However, I have found some idiosyncrasies that I have gathered from observation and experience.

1. Peruvian men are cheap, they tend to be very overprotective over their money.
2. They have a lot of internalized racism. Which is why a lot of them worship whatever is white and blonde.
3. They have a great sense of humor and usually have solid group of friends.
4. They are very loyal and loving towards their families
5. Many of them have a lot of interests outside work and school such as playing in bands, art,surfing, or other sports.

Just some observations after living here a few months.

Controlling Mamas boys
by: Anonymous

Not all but from my personal experience as well as apparently several others according to this thread,Peruvian men are trash.They don't respect their partners,They put their family of origin first,their emotionally and physically abusive,their liars and manipulaters,they basically destroy lives and have absolutely no shame or guilt for doing so.My advice would be to steer clear of these men

by: Anonymous

I was reading a lot of what other people were writing about their experiences with Peruvian guys so I thought I would also share mine. First I want to start off by saying that I don't want to make any broad generalizations about an entire culture. I am solely sharing my personal experience and I'm not saying that all Peruvian men are the same.

I would describe him as being quite cultural although he no longer lives in Peru and hasn't for some time. therefore I do believe that he is more progressive than what some of the other commenters have described their boyfriends/husbands to be, especially in regards to the role of women in the household, as he always encouraged me to get my education and also have a high-powered career instead of solely taking on the traditional role of a housewife.

Unfortunately, as I've been reading through many of these comments, I can find myself relating to a lot of these women. I have had issues with my ex Peruvian boyfriend lying to me repeatedly and cheating on me at parties. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt because he always came off as being the ideal guy who wouldn't ever lie or cheat on me, turns out that was just a facade.

I must say, my ex in particular was quite good at convincing me he wasn't what my vibe was telling me he was. Overall, he really hurt me emotionally, because I trusted him when he never deserved trust, and I was really patient with him too, always in the hopes that he would change. Now I'm left heartbroken and confused. I just hope I find someone who loves me the way I deserve to be loved one day, Peruvian or not. I feel really disappointed because I actually saw a future with him. He would tell me he loved me, but would someone who loves you repeatedly lie and cheat on you? I've dated in the past, but I must say the things that I went through in that relationship hurt the most.

He would tell me he wanted a family with me, that I would be his wife one day, and we would have children, but at the same time, he would say things like "we're too young", "I'm too immature for a committed relationship" etc which really got me confused.

In my experience, like many of the women commenting, the most notable negative feature that I can say I've had to deal with is the natural lying. I would ask him a question and he would be able to think of a lie on the spot so fast, and it was so believable and he could keep the lie going for weeks, and in some cases months. The trust issue is something that was a huge obstacle for me. He would also lie about money, and financial stability as well as financial independence which undoubtedly was a problem.

Another character trait that he has is he's very persuasive or argumentative. This isn't necessarily always a bad thing, I want to be a lawyer, and I participate in a lot of debating so at first I thought this was impressive as I generally always win arguments, but could never win one with him, but then I realized that maybe his ability to be so persuasive isn't so good after all, as it can be used to manipulate and also convince others that his lie is the truth.

That's only my experience, I'm sure there's lots of nice Peruvian men out there that aren't liars or cheaters, but unfortunately I ended up dating one that was.

Recommended reading
by: David

Emotional Abuse actually happens more often than physical abuse and can be more crippling. Here is the definition given in this book. "Emotional Abuse is any form of abuse that is non-physical and is intended to control or manipulate the victim through overt and subtle tactics, such as insults, criticisms, denial, suggestive behavior, berating, belittling, or anything else that impacts the victim’s sense of self-worth negatively." Emotional Abuse leaves one psychologically devastated due to the very personal nature. Most victims believe that they are somehow the source of the problem or that the abuse is justified. This book lays out a three step process to help overcome this misconception. Identify the signs of emotional abuse, take action, and learn how to navigate the road to Recovery.

Peruvian men:
by: Anonymous

I'm an American, married to a Peruvian man for 20 years, lived in Peru for 10. They are very affectionate, wonderful fathers and hard workers. They aren't as machista or proud as carribean hispanics, but need to feel admired and respected as much as men from anywhere else. Most women in Peru view the home and kitchen as their domain and are proud of it. The men make most of the big decisions for the family but I found that the wife has alot of influence over him and uses it when she needs to. Peruvian women have very strong personalities without causing conflicts. Men seem to respect women as intelligent. Beware, though, of the son who has been babied and worshipped by his mother - the youngest or only boy. They become Narcissists.

Peruvian men
by: Anonymous

Peruvian men suck. They mess up, make mistakes and yet, the ones that suck still don't learn from their mistakes.

know thyself
by: mind over matter

im a guy from peru not anymore, i live in canada anyways i see that some women are compleining how their peruvian > boyfriend are mean, controling jerks they are...
i dont have that kind of atitude i like learning about wisdom and knowleadge and my inner being
# first i have no friend or girlfriend
#i do not like controling women ...
#i cant even dance or drink desgusting**
#why am i here in this earth i have no life im so young just 18 and no job i didnt even graduate ....
wtf man kill your self ...
i know i know i have feelings like a female
im more sensetive and people see me as an asian baby boy looking like really....
I really wish for a girlfriend and real friends that dont steal my stuff in highschool ,
girls i can feel your pain**
women and girls dont be manipulated by some horny dogs dont wait till your heart is broken find the right men that deserve you inside your inner child follow your soul and act what is good in your being ...
if the person is controling you will try to break from your fealings you will become like a lion in a cage hungry for deep emotions of love, needs of comfort and warmth calling for salvation for a lonely lion looking for love just like you there is many lions looking for oneness
beucase men and women are Equal...
by the way im a man

stop being prejudiced
by: Anonymous

Many of u people think u kno everything about the millions of people living in Peru. Many of u r wrong!

My parents are both Peruvian and r nothing like wat ur describing! My mom is a housewife but she is not submissive. She is not afraid to raise her voice at anyone or at my dad.

They've known each other for thirty yrs and r still happily in love. My parents r both hardworking and my dad loves my mom and my family equally.

U can't judge a country based on ur personal experience with someone from there. That is being prejudiced. U r not Hitler or the KKK or Trump so u have no right to judge a country because u picked a bad guy.

Find someone who will stay by u and make u happy. Don't be so negatively biased. I could easily find an American guy who will cheat on me and refuse to date any of them. Would that be right? No! Instead of insulting someone's culture or country, look for someone who is right for u.

I am proud to be the daughter of two loving Peruvian parents. I am also glad that I have trudeau instead of Trump. I hope reading this will take the prejudice out of u.

not all peruvians are bad
by: Anonymous

My parents r from Peru and and known each other for thirty years. Neither is submissive or someone who cheats like u guys r saying.

U can't judge an entire country's population of men based on our experience. Peru is sexist...ill admit that...but not everyone there is a bad person. My mom is a housewife but she's not afraid to raise her voice at my dad or anyone else.

Don't be prejudiced because u chose one of the bad Peruvian guys. My dad is hardworking and loves my family and my mom equally.

I'm proud to be the daughter of people from Peru. How would u feel if someone bad-mouthed the men from ur family's country from their personal experiences.

If I dated someone from the u.s and he was a cheater...would that mean that all American guys r idiots or cheaters? No.

Instead of insulting someone's country or culture..find a man who will stay by u and be good to u. No one here is Hitler or Trump or the u have no right to be prejudiced against the people of Peru.

Hate the guy not his country. Every country has bad guys...that does not put the country at fault.

your fault
by: Anonymous

I've read most of the comments and all, all I can say is that you meet people according to your own social circle.

I know a lot of peruvians who are cheaters, chauvinists and so, it's easy to detect it, however most of them will show their best face in order to take you to bed.

I am a guy from peru yeah, however I do come from a family open in culture, of course there are some things I have from peru, in general the classy you are pretty you are the only is not only from Peru.

I have been to different countries, met a lot of people from different parts of the world, asians are worst than this, in order to obtain the visa, I work for a cruise company, which allows me to see how this people behave, most of them married, seeking for a nice young blonde willing to take them to the bed for sex.

so getting back to peru, is similar, they will tell nice things easily, however those are not the ones to be trusted, go on with the guy who is friendly, open, but no so much, there are a lot of nice guys, from not chauvinists families, mostly these guys who you complain come from these families, in which the guys, do not cook, do not clean, do not do anything.

These are guys you meet at a club or party, go try some professional guys, who at the very first time won't tell you, look for his lack of interest in you as a sexual object and yeah that's the one to share some time, just like this italians are really like this als

by: Artch

I'm peruvian and i m not machist, we are super frendly, funny and likes dances.

by: Anonymous hehe

what the ----? im a peruvian guy, of Lima, and you people are generalizing,

i have never cheated in my life, i hate the "machismo", my family is not a traditional family, we are free and open, i get to talk and hang out a lot with my dad and my mom and you guys are just messing with low class peruvians,

i know it sounds bad, but if you really knew a wealthy class peruvian you would change your mind OBVIOUSLY, peru is divided in two cultures, the indigenous culture, wich is the culture that has those close minded and cheaters men and the european or modern culture which has men like in any other country of the world,

physically there is a lot of diversity here, we are all not the same, im not a short guy, not indigenous or brown skinned and i respect all women and i know there is a lot of peruvians that doesnt respect them, but please dont put all the peruvians in one bag, we are not all the same, we dont have just one culture or one way to live, we have diferent cultures, diferent ways to talk, to be, you can find white peruvians, black, asian, indigenous (the majority), mestizos (the other majority) and they are all diferent,

the majority of indigenous people are like that, cheaters and all that, thats part of his culture and his ignorance, cause most of them are not well educated, but if you try to go to upper classes you will find non racist respectful man, dont put us all in the same bag please

"No respect for women"
by: Anonymous

I agree with all words of " No respect for women" my ex boyfriend who was Peruvian put me thru that!

No respect for women
by: Anonymous

Peruvian men from my experience are very nice and giving in the beginning of a relationship which can last for 2 to 3 years for them, but after that everything goes down hill because initially they are only nice to gain your trust.

Its basically all a game to see how much they can break you down. They don't really seem to truly love anyone but their families of origin i.e mommy, daddy, siblings,cousins, Tia's & tios. Even if you marry and have children with them they will put there family of origin before you and chances are if your American his family won't like or respect you.

Peruvian men are also very spoiled which gives them a false sense of entitlement. Basically they're never wrong and they deserve to get and have whatever they want, whether it be you to always conform to their opinions, the ability to have more then one woman at a time, or for you to take the blame for everything wrong because they couldn't possibly be.

These men do not respect any women that is not related to them and they do not see women as equals.

The bottom line is if you're going to be in a relationship with them get ready to take the blame for everything, get cheated on, be dead last to his family of origin, always work and have your own money because you won't deserve his, and get put down for having your own feelings and opinions.

Basically be treated like you're worthless

Look before you leap
by: Jarina

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous - "If I can steer one woman against dating these guys I will feel like I've done my job.

Please read through this thread before saying "yes" to a date. You could take a gamble but with these odds, why would you?"

Of course, this applies to all other cultures as well. The old adage, "Look before you leap" holds true.

Not worth the risk
by: Anonymous

I keep reading "it's all your own fault" and I agree. It's like blaming a wasp for stinging you. It's just what they do.

I wish I'd done more research on Peruvian men before dating them. They're bad partners and they admit it. They will just blame you for not knowing better.

They can't help it. It's just what they do. They don't know any better and it's normal for them.

So yes, it was my fault for not doing my homework.

If I can steer one woman against dating these guys I will feel like I've done my job.

Please read through this thread before saying "yes" to a date. You could take a gamble but with these odds, why would you?

It is all your own fault
by: Anonymous

I work for a mining company in Peru and I know some foreign girls working in the site.

I would say that Most of the girls that complain about peruvian men are the ones who come to Peru as Tourist looking for fun and fall for someone they met at a disco or restaurant .

I have talked to my friends and obviosuly they are interested in meeting a professional just like them and not someone You could meet everywhere.

What I try to say is that if you had a bad experience with a guy ( peruvian or not) is your own fault cause u did not see they way he really was . Be honest what kind of person u could meet at a disco if you are looking for a serious relationship? and Do you really think it is ok to get laid with someone you have just met? .. What kind of guy You think you would find? .

Stop blaming the country and see what you do and the way you act. It is easy to blame every single men when you don't really act as You should.

there is a saying in Peru that says : El hombre propone la mujer dispone ... , so What kind of assholes you accepted??

Be sensible for God's sake.

Different Peruvian
by: Anonymous

I am peruvian and i have dated 1 european girl, french who only played with me,by the way, i won`t generalize. It is true that there are many bad peruvians, but come on we also have good ones as every country.

You can`t start a relationship with a person you just met and then blame his country. in my case, i am so hardworking,have good values,faithful, it is annoying to see how many girls write that peruvian s are garbage, I am sorry if you met just a peruvian player, be more careful next time.

About our appareance, yeah we are short,tan skinned, but i don`t think appareance matter to be a good man. Despite of that, many foreign girls say i look so good, also many tourist girls jut come to hook up with peruvian males. Actually, I am so interested in an estern european girl, I do my best and i would love that you ask her how is my behavior? Maybe you don`t believe me, but i just can say that she is always happy with me, she was the person who proposed me sex, we discuss topics together. finally, I just can say Good Luck to everone and it is better to live in peace with person who you love

@Still Laughing
by: Anonymous

I'm still laughing at the fact you quoted Taylor Swift to defend a country of jerks.

I think you just confirmed what everyone here has been saying. Peruvian men believe in blaming the woman for their infidelity and character flaws.

If "he isn't in love" (which for a Peruvian, isn't long) then all bets are off and it's your fault for not knowing that ahead of time. Spoken like a true Peruvian, lol!

But, I'm sure all of that is above your educational level, so I will speak in a language you will understand:

"Bandaids don't fix bullet holes, you say sorry just for show,
If you live like that, you live with ghosts.....

Only for his GC?
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have been married to my Peruvian husband for 3 years now. We married too quickly I admit. I am American. I have dated mainly latinos all my life.

At first our relationship while dating was great he was affectionate, giving, loving, etc. Then I swear after we married about 3 mos later we got a place together. I have a son. We rent and he has me pay 60% and he pay 40% of rent as i have a child. Mind u this is his stepson. It just kept going downhill. Prior to getting married we were very intimate. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that we have not had any intamacy for 3 yrs!!! Yes I said none. We r relatively young. We get stressed out sure we r both self conscious of our bodies..but r u kidding me he is a dude! His reasoning is not being able to. But no proof. Yep then to top it off he is a workaholic, i hardly see him. When he has a day off he does what he wants not attempting to spend time with us. Holidays? Wow he sees no point to celebrate and forget it if i say lets go see my family.

He is critical and although he will talk of how he appreciates me, its not shown. Now we are trying to have his teen son come here from Peru. Oh boy.

Point being, while I could never box a whole culture into one experience is not positive.

Should I Take Back My Cheating Husband?
by: Almira

You've discovered that your husband has cheated on you. Maybe you've discovered incriminating emails or text messages from his lover, or, worse yet, have actually seen them together.

Your world is crashing down. You feel like a nuclear bomb just decimated your entire world, and you are trying to shield yourself from the fallout.

This is very likely the most painful experience you've ever had. You've been sucker punched in the soul.

Read this book (click or tap image):

Still laughing after reading these comments
by: Anonymous

Stupid girls ....
Blaming a country cz of your mistake in choosing a good guy.

Every person is different.
Peruvian guys can be the best husbands ONLY if the guy is deeply in love.
If he never present you his friends, has too much "only boys night", then he is cheating.
You don't need to be a master degree holder to know that. So, if you had a bad experience with a guy with any country, it's YOUR FAULT for not knowing the person well first, before dating with him.

Also, I like this song (for all the anger & stupid girls in this page):

Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off
Heart-breakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off

Surprised by comments
by: Anonymous

I'm sure there are good Peruvian men, but where are they?

I seem to see there is a high percentage of, "No good" Peruvian men. I also agree the way a Peruvian is all depends on how he was raised by his parents & also the values he is taught.

The father of my daughter is nothing good. I would think he would learn from his mistakes and stop screwing around, but yet he still goes back to the other he got pregnant & decided to stay with & yet he still asks me to b his lover.

Smh, I don't personally know his mother who lives in Peru, but I see that as a, "no good mother" who taught him no values. I feel bad for him due to the fact that in time he will regret the wrong decisions he made for himself.

surprised by comments
by: Anonymous

I just have to say that I am terribly surprised by What I have read in this forum about Peruvian men.
I'm a male Peruvian and proud to be, but I don't really understand the kind of guys many girls seem to have met in my country. I know that some can be really selfish a***s, but still I cannot understand how or where you met them.

I think more than nationalities .. the way you are depends a lot on the way you were raised by your parents and all the values they taught you .. Some people seemed to have been raised by animals rather than people . I accept that many male Peruvians have a chauvinistic attitude, but if you realize that from the very beginning why to tolerate it? ...

I have a little sister who I really love to and I cannot image to be abusing her morally or physically and of course I'd kill someone who intends to.

I feel sorry for girls who have met those assholes, but believe me there are more good guys than assholes .... just be Careful, next time.

I'm not stupid nor slutty
by: Anonymous

I am from the US and I dated a Peruvian guy. I echo all these comments.

I'm personally offended by the comments that we are somehow stupid and slutty and don't "see clearly" that the guy is a jerk.

But you may be right. I'm not used to dealing with people so pathetic, low, lying and manipulative so I have never witnessed that kind of behavior. It was new for me. It's hard to "see clearly" when you're spoon fed lies every day. I'm very generous and kind with people I care about, but I guess Peruvians see this as "stupid, slutty and easy to manipulate", as you can tell from their comments in this thread.

He was incredibly thoughtful and kind until he wasn't. It was a slow and gradual process of emotional abuse, cheating and lies.

Furthermore, calling women "sluts" only perpetuates the low life, third world, uneducated thinking of holding double standards for women.

He (an educated man from Lima, might I add), was terribly racist and homophobic in hindsight and I have to agree that it is like a time warp down there. Men will still tell women to "get back in the kitchen", and say things like "he looks gay". They call out people by race and size. My jaw dropped my first visit down there because I could not believe my ears. And again, this is "educated" men in Lima (not the villages).

What they want this puritan type wife to parade around in front of their families, and then they want a girl (or many girls most often) to satisfy their needs at night while the wives/girlfriends pretend it isn't happening. Don't confuse "amiga" with friend who happens to be female. Platonic relationships between men and women in Peru are slim to none. If he has an "amiga", he's sleeping with her (and this, was confirmed by several Peruvian men I talked to....after the fact of course).

As for my story? This guy turned mean. Really mean. Said some of the most insulting things I've had said to me ever and accused me of things likely to justify his own behavior. This was a man who just weeks prior had treated me like a queen. I felt verbally assaulted and depressed almost daily towards the end. I'm embarrassed I tolerated it but that is what happens with emotional abuse. You become so beat down. The women will pretend to be happy and lie about their home life.

So, I'm not stupid, or slutty, or any of the other words you'd like to throw my way. I have a doctorate degree, work for a successful company and own my own business making more in a year than most Peruvian guys will make in their lifetime. I was lied to and I was deceived. In talking with more of my friends who have dated these guys, my story is not unique. They are well known for this behavior.

I can handle bad people. Bad people who pretend to be good people are horrible and a new experience for me.

But thanks to him, I'm that much smarter. And I laugh when I see what a sad little life he has. I'm glad for him that he's never left Peru because he'd know how bad he really has it.

He went back to being poor in one of those little half finished houses in Lima. You know? The ones with bars on the front door, a broken toilet on the roof, powerlines in the back yard and some mangy dog running around? He made another kid he can't afford, while I just booked tickets to Australia. Sometimes I have a toast in his honor and thank God it didn't work out.

I believe things happen for a reason. He came into my life to teach me to be more careful whom I trust. I'm sad the new guy I'm with has had to pay the price, but he is 100x the man of any Peruvian man I've met. After that experience, I appreciate this guy even more.

So ladies, there is happiness after these guys, I assure you. Just find a different country in which to shop.

to Archaeic Beliefs
by: Anonymous

Just one Question : Who taught you to speak that way? Your mother?

You are just a person full of anger .

To Archaeic Beliefs by: Anonymous
by: Europe

You have synthesize this entire topic in just one word: their MOTHER.

Unfortunately the entire Peruvian society is so sick because of their slutty mothers who teach them to be like that with women just because they haven't been able to keep a man next to them.

Most of the families are build of the mother and her kids (mo matter how old they are, the father will never matter unless financially). And the circle just goes around...

Archaeic Beliefs
by: Anonymous

I would not even say that the Peruvian society is so elevated to understand the freedom of woman.

Their believes are very simple, if their mother likes their future wife then nothing else matters, they will just procreate for a while and after that they will search in the same time for a slutty woman who can satisfy their needs.

Of course their wife is going to ignore the reality thinking they are blessed to have such a macho man next to them. And that's how their society and families are build on: on lying, cheating, pretending, anything to made their mom proud of them.

by: Anonymous

Archaic beliefs ... I don't know what you heard or seem to know about Peruvians.

However, I'd like to tell you what many Peruvian men think about foreign girls ... they are just sluts who are really easy to take to bed ....

See, Prejudice and Misjudging is everywhere.

If you had a relationship with a Peruvian asshole .. it was your fault cause u did not see clearly who you were dating with .. but it doesn't mean we are all the same.

Archaeic Beliefs
by: Anonymous

In response to "Not Fair, you are all just generalizing"...
She states that women who "give themselves like they are nothing are easy, slutty girls" and that "what's the freakin problem with the guy wanting to be the macho alpha in a relationship, i mean it's totally normal for a guy to act like it and you know that it's supposed to be like that in a "normal" relationship.

I think that sums it up folks. You heard it straight from a Peruvian girl herself.

In the US, women don't need to "withhold sex" to trick men into sticking around. Women are allowed to enjoy sex just as much as men and not labeled as "sluts" for it.

Also in the US, men don't need to be A-holes to prove that they are men. We actually call those guys douchebags.

In Peru, it is like the 1950's (which wasn't a fabulous era for women). So she is telling you straight up, women are second class citizens in Peru who need to withhold sex and try very hard to get pregnant early in a relationship to get their men to stay. And if the guy treats you like garbage that is normal.

Need any further evidence?

this question is the definition of racism
by: Anonymous

I would not assume to know what all Peruvian men are like, or what all American men are like, or all men from any country. There are so many factors that shape who a person is.

I love my Peruvian husband. He is kind and loving and respectful.

However, I would never assume that he represents all men from an entire country. This topic is ridiculous.

22 man
by: Freddy

Hi, I'm 22 college guy, hard worker 👷, and of course Peruvian guy. Just wanna say that im cool 😎, I don't controll, not jealous just the normal lol... And wanna meet ppl around the world, no kidding if u r reading this dont think im desesperate, cause im not. I like dance, movie, Netflix... I

have a good day.

Betrayed me
by: Kiana

So I met this Peruvian guy at my school. We're both in high school. I'm half mexican and italian.

So at first, he treats me all nice and a sweetheart person. He was so over protective and jealous everytime a guy used to flirt at me.

So then he asks me to be his gf and I said yea. Bc I love Peruvian guys I think their bowl haircut style is cute. So while we dated, we made out and then we had sex.

BUT......he broke my heart and it hurted so bad ;(

He cheated on me with this other Peruvian girl.

I still love him. But he don't love me. We went out for 2 months only. But I fell in love with him.

Let's examine facts
by: Anonymous

Just arrived here and reading through. I think a lot of the comments and rebuttals here are based on emotion rather than fact. However, I will agree with most of these posters that the chances of finding an honest and faithful Peruvian man are slim.

But, this is because of their culture.

I find it interesting that Peruvians boast about their commitment to their families. It is true that they are highly committed to their cousins, parents, grandparents, etc. but in a romantic relationship, statistics state otherwise.

They have amongst the highest unwed and single mothers in the entire world

Peru isn't necessarily unique, but stats show that the higher the disparity in incomes between men and women (as is common in developing countries) equals to a higher infidelity rate for men and a lower infidelity rate for women due to lack of financial resources. Peru is decades behind in gender equality and thus the "men can do whatever they want" attitude still persists (see comment below from "you're just generalizing") and this behavior is accepted.

I've lived in Peru and I've seen this first hand. And it isn't just poverty stricken families but middle and upper middle class families as well. Part of the problem lies in that infidelity is somewhat expected or at least tolerated due to income disparity. Cruise the expat forums if you want further evidence.

I think the thread is getting so emotional because there is such a marked culture clash. Infidelity is much more shameful and damaging in the USA then it appears to be in other countries and in Latin America (specifically Peru), women tend to look the other way or deny it is happening all together. Additionally, men are never blamed for anything.

I've literally witnessed women choosing their husbands/boyfriends over their own children. If they cheat, it is the other woman's fault and he is received again with open arms.

Additionally, American women demand respect and for a relationship to be 50/50. The comment below about there being a high divorce rate in the USA due to this isn't entirely accurate, especially when you look at the map I've posted.

It's easy to boast about your lack of divorce rates when a high percentage of people in your country don't get married to begin with.

Additionally, previously stated divorce rates in the USA are inaccurate, and most recent statistics show that the divorce rates are much lower than previously thought. To be fair, it is very difficult to get married in Peru, but regardless, faithfulness is slim in either arrangement.

Women in the USA get married later and have their kids later. In Peru, the average age for first child is 22 and in the USA is 26. The average age for marriage in the USA is approaching 30. Women in Peru want babies above all. "Babies are a blessing" regardless of who they are with or how they get there. A woman is a celebrity in her family when she is pregnant. For a woman to approach 30 and be childless is the worst position she could be in. So again, she will look the other way at infidelity if it means she will hopefully become a mother.

So, in short, men in Peru are very different from the USA. Their upbringing is different and their society supports the behavior. I would love to say "love knows no bounds". Perhaps not, but respect and culture do.

Married almost 3 years..
by: Kmartz

I married my husband from Peru in 2013. We married too quickly and that has cause alot of problems. While he is a loving man with a good heart, he can also be very selfish.

I have dated latino men most of my life and most have been very affectionate. This is not the case in my husband. We have no intimacy since getting married. We work opposite schedules and live like roommates.

I have a son but while I am sure he cares about him he is quick to say he is my son not his. Over time I have learned of his life in Peru( he left when he was 25)and maybe it was his upbronging. His family struggled, and money was always on his mind. It still is.. Everything for him is about money. He says we should have no holidays, he would rather work.

I am nit sure how long we will last, he is a good person, but At this point even when he is home with me, I miss him.

comment below
by: marie

Just got engaged to a Peruvian and found this site...must say you are wayyy off base. No, I'm not a slut, and I did not "give myself easily" or I doubt my fiancé would have asked me to marry him...but who are you to judge other people's experiences?

I don't think they are being racist, I'm not sure if it's a racial thing so much as a cultural shock they are expressing. And really, Peruvian men are soo macho and that's normal?

Some of the comments stated they were physically abused...that's where the line on "macho" needs to be drawn. Wasn't even going to leave a comment, but your particularly bitchy attitude and comments toward American women....whom you don't even know...kinda rubbed me the wrong way. So aren't YOU being just as racist and generalizing in that case as you claim the women below are?

Anyhow, also don't get how Peruvian men are so "macho" and "alpha male' considering my fiancé is highly emotional and sensitive, and relies on me for a lot in our relationship. He would be lost without me, and even admits it.

I have a college degree, and he doesn't, but he admires me for it, and despite this we both have jobs and work hard.

He is proud of me for being a hard working woman who can both "hold a job and cook." To me, that's a normal relationship.

The man and woman get equal opportunities and support each other's goals, and both have goals, regardless of the gender. And that's bullshit most Peruvian women are submissive, that's right, I know some that are doctors or administrative majors, but you don't come across that way.

Are you a bitter traditional Peruvian women, because you don't sound highly educated or open minded yourself.

Sorry I stole one your good Peruvian men Lol

NOT FAIR at all! You're just generalizing!
by: Just a Peruvian Girl Passing By...

Well, i gotta say that the so called "strong and independent" american woman here CAN'T BE more stupid, like they're just a bunch of pathetic racist * people!

I bet NONE of you really looked for a GOOD man (honest, well-educated) and just messed with the one you first stepped on the street.

So, it kinda looks like you don't know that cheaters-indecent peruvian guys only mess with easily slutty girls who practically give themselves like nothing, i guess this counts for EVERY other guy in the world, it's just normal.

You can guess who you are from the way your boyfriend treats you and MANY of you just came here to show the lack of a brain you have generalizing ALL peruvian men with the cheater, clingy, liar attitude, which is FALSE btw.

Those signs of behaviour are proper of the low-class people of peru, as you would call them, and it's just plain stupid to mess with them and OF COURSE every country has this kind of people so don't go * over that.

If you want to find a GOOD man then you have to be GOOD enough to find one and be liked by one, that applies to the WHOLE world. Also i don't get what's the freakin problem with the guy wanting to be the macho alpha in a relationship, i mean it's totally normal for a guy to act like it and you know that it's supposed to be like that in a "normal" relationship.

I just don't get the whole feminist concept of: "im a woman and I HAVE TO be on the same level of men in everything!!!"

Well, guess what? Men and woman are TOTALLY different and everyone knows it but, apparently, in USA all woman have that stupid feminist way of thinking and MANY of them just end up in a divorce, which kind of explains the hight rate of it in that's like men can't handle their so "independent" stupidity LOL.

If you didn't know in Peru we DO have a sense of family union and commitment and we know that men and woman COMPLEMENT each other, that's just the way it is. Of course men will want to know they're in lead sometimes, but that's ok because they're, you!!

P.S: stop with the whole submissive-peruvian girl thing (generalizing again) cause i just showed you that it's SO NOT true and please! can u stop thinking you're the * just because you have that "modern" way of thinking, which is lame so :)

Not racism a fact
by: Anonymous

Above is a link of a documentary about machismo as a culture.

The video is based in Bolivia but the commentator makes a clear statement that Bolivia is SECOND to Peru in all of South America for domestic crimes committed against women.

If those of you who are offended by people who are expressing their freedom of speech and their personal experience that, basically, just validates what the statistics & people of these countries & cultural backgrounds are already saying.

You should be upset with the culture that's giving itself a bad name rather than trying to shoot the messenger.

As a peruvian American Male.
by: Anonymous

As a good looking peruvian American male, I can say that i get my fair attention from ladies but i try to stay committed when in a relationship unless that women decides to be disloyal.

I act distant but thats because i expect a long relationship with the girl. I'm just a guy though and i'm pretty americanized. I believe in love and healthy bond between two people. Peruvian males are proud people and don't like to be dishonored in any form.

So be nice, communicate emotion, and don't expect him to know everything. most of the time don't even know whats going on. lol thats just me though

Peruvian men
by: Anonymous

Oh my god... is all this true...?

I am considering dating a peruvian man but after all I have read here I am actually thinking about turning him down..

by: Anonymous

Lol!!! I agree with the, "B*," comment. This comment is, "B*" comment #2!!!!

by: Anonymous


These guys are *.
*, will they romance you, but they're just selfish *. Plain and simple.

They ALL cheat. (yes, All)

No girl is "the one" and Peruvians will talk * about American girls because they know only what they see in movies (most of them have never left their own city much less their country).

So, they're really just a bunch of ignorant little rats who will make you think (for a short while) that you've found your tiny little Prince.

I know, they'll break your heart into a thousand pieces but you'll thank them later. Especially when you see what happens to their pathetic, insignificant lives and realize that life of misery could have been yours.

Leave these guys to the Peruvian girls. They're a perfect fit.

Liars and idiots make great couples :).

Meanwhile, be thankful that you can move on and find a decent guy...there's an entire world of them out there and not one lives in Peru.

by: Anonymous

Well firstly... I am a Peruvian man.

That doesn´t mean i have to behave as a Macho but it doesn´t mean i have to repres my gender.

Firstly guys are possessive like women are. And that's everywhere. That is an individual characteristic. If we were not posesive no one will practice monogamy...

Secondly crazy bastards are everywhere i have Peruvian girlfriends that were in relationships with Europeans, north Americans and other south Americans that were over-controlling, freaks inventing lies the whole time and even "pegalones" that means they were hitting them.

Somehow "western" people do believe they are more civilized just because they belong to a society where there is much more money but they don't realize that they have their own problems...

Peruvians are not perfect like any other nationality but if you can pick something from all Peruvians in general is that they are quite passionate about everything!

So if you can not handle it, just dont take it! PEACE AND LOVE to you all!

Peruvian men = abuse
by: Anonymous

Peruvian men are the worst.

They will charm the pants off you lol but it's all lies.

Even the Peruvian women who defend them & make excuses that "gringos" can't handle them are full of s*it!!!

I've seen many Peruvian men from Lima, the mountains, America, you name it there all the same & yeah I'm sure there has to be some that are good but the odds (as you can see by the similar statements on this thread) are so low why would you even risk it.

There mostly not attractive at all & that charm is all just a ploy. They are narcissistic, racist, abusive, cheaters that have to make up for the fact that they are so short, unattractive & come from a poor country.

All they care about are themselves they don't love there wife's & it's not because you weren't "good enough"or the one.

If you got out of a relationship with a Peruvian it's only because your not a pathetic, weak, submissive, delusional, insecure pathetic female.

So in other words your too good for them.

Don't be to hard on yourselves ladies & try to remember the initial feeling you had when you first met them.

I'm guessing they weren't good until they used there fake charm because let's face it those looks aren't getting them very far.

by: Anonymous

Im ending a 7 year relationship with a Peruvian man.

The first two years were good though he was pretty jelious. After that everything went down hill.

When he didn't get his way he would verbally abuse me or give me the silent treatment whenever I'd try to communicate with him (I didn't realize until later that it's because he was raised that women are inferior)

He manipulated me into quitting my job & looking for one he was happy with but I wasn't.

He proposed marriage & his parents accompanied him (he was 27). A year after he proposed (& his family hadn't mentions the wedding once)

His parents told me that they didn't want us to get married & that I was basically not a good enough woman for there son. He also took a job that required him to travel 2 to 3 weeks at a time within a month after proposing & didn't even bother to tell me that his job was to travel until I obviously figured it out after 2 months of him lying that it was only in an emergency.

We also lived in a city whare I had no family or knew anyone. Since I gave up my job & got another one that was less profitable I became dependent on him & therefore was more apt to tolerate his selfish behavior as aposed to before when I was financially independent but of course he didn't show that side of himself until it was too late.

Too top it all off he broke my nose twice, verbally abused the crap out of me & threw me away like trash when he was done.

His father also called his mother fat & disrespected her terribly but his mother (also from Peru) believed that "men had the say because they make the $ & women must obey"

she went on to say American women are basically sluts & that's why divorce is so high because women don't "obey" their husbands.

Peruvian men are the worst men I've ever seen heard or met in my life.

The biggest mistake I ever made was dating a Peruvian man.

Opinion about foreign girls by a guy
by: Anonymous

I really don't know the kind of guys some of you have met, but I have lived abroad and met lots of foreigner girls, dated and had a relationship with some of them and I can tell that some were not good girls.

First, I found that they were much more interested in their own interests than in others'.

Secondly,There was not a clear sense of family and commitment in them.

Based on what I have experienced I cannot say that foreigners are the best.

Of course there were really good ones, but I was unlucky not to be with them.

Thus, what I want to say is that there are bad people everywhere no matter where they come from.

Just too different
by: Anonymous

Let's start with a key difference: Peruvian men who have lived outside of Peru and Peruvian men who have not.

I cannot speak for those who have lived outside of Peru as they have been exposed to cultures which differ from their own.

But let me tell you about the culture in Peru.

Please remember that Peru is a "developing" country despite many advances. As such, there is a "me first" mentality and no matter how much someone cares about you, their needs will always come first.

There is also a sense of "saving face" which means lie as long as you can to avoid problems, even if the consequences of the lie are far greater than telling the truth up front.

As a woman from the western world, your chances are slim with these men. They will want you, but know that they can't keep up with you. When it comes to marriage, they will choose a docile, Peruvian girl every time because they are easier to control and cheat on and they won't give them trouble the way an American woman will.

The women there will "creo in el" even though in their hearts, they know he is a cheater in a liar because they want babies and marriage. Having a baby is the most important thing a Peruvian girl can do with her life, second to landing a man. And, landing a man is solely for the purpose of breeding. So she will tolerate lies that you will not. short, attempting to have a relationship where the behavior is accepted (or at least semi-tolerated) is like pairing a pig with a giraffe. It sounds very romantic in a cartoon movie, but in reality, it won't work and you are setting yourself up for failure.

There may be that 1 Peruvian guy who isn't like that, but I honestly haven't met him (and I've met a lot). The only decent ones I've met are the ones who were raised in the US. And when I say decent, I mean one who shares the same values about a relationship that I do.

When you call these guys out on their BS, they honestly don't care. They are used to getting away with it and will make you feel like you are crazy, jealous and controlling for questioning them.

So it isn't so much that Peruvian guys are "bad", it is just that their values are very different as is their culture.

You can't take these guys out of their environment and expect them to behave like the devoted guy you are seeking. They don't know how and they've had no good examples (if you ask any of them, their dads all ran out on their moms when they were young).

So, pardon the analogy but it is like taking pig out of the farm and expecting it to be a horse.

Lower your expectations and you will be very happy with any of these guys.

This is not true
by: Anonymous

I’ve been dating my Peruvian boyfriend for quite a while now and there are some things I have to disagree on.

He is a wonderful and amazing guy. He moved to the USA 4 years ago and has adapted very well. He is a hard working man indeed.

Things I have noticed is that, Peruvian men do love sex... a lot. I’m not complaining because I do enjoy our very active sex life.

We were very quick to fall and love, and it’s been 6 months and he’s already invited me to move in with him.

The controlling part is very true, at times yes but not constantly. He could be a liar, and if he is, he is a damn good one. But I highly doubt he is.

It could just be my boyfriend but I have noticed that he is not very romantic. He doesn’t spoil me with gifts but on the other hand he likes to be spoiled with gifts.

He’s very close with his family, almost like all Hispanic families. I am a jealous girlfriend and I’m pretty sure it might annoy him. But he is just as jealous, he doesn’t want another guy to even look at me. He always makes sure that I do know that I am his and nobody else’s.

I do love him with everything I have, because after all we were best friends before we started dating and always had a crush on each other. I do want to throw out that he does always win arguments, I don’t know how he does it but I have valid statements and facts but her just wins. And out of all three of my relationships I’ve never been speechless.

It does make me feel like I’m stupid but I usually just end it or leave where ever we are.

They also do like to play the control part a lot, but say that they’re not.

Over all he is a great hard working man. But I do agree and do not agree with things said on here. And he is nowhere near abusive.

by: Jessica R.

I honestly had never really paid attention to Peruvian men I didn’t even know they existed. I met one and he changed my whole life I met him here in America and he was so sweat at first but then he changed he became more jealous didn’t want to let me out he hurt me with words made me feel worthless like I was the wrong one when I just tried to please him sadly whatever he wanted I did. Still wasn't good enough. 

He always found ways to hurt me he had started asking me questions like what would I do if he hit me always brought up the fact that I was Mexican and said that it shouldn’t matter Mexican woman like getting hit.

He was so mean he told me the only reason he liked me was because I looked white. He said he hated Mexicans. If we went to Peru I was to say I was Peruvian or just white. I was always judged by what I did he started telling me I was and a bitch he is from Lima.

He’s not your average Peruvian he is really tall but yes he is a momma’s boy. It’s only been a week since we haven’t been together but he is so dangerous finding this made me not run back I’ll just have to live without him why did he lie!!!

Fake promises. He cried for me .He was great an awesome friend but Peruvians in a relationships are DANGEROUS will miss him :( but let the guy go who ever reads this he was a liar and moved on real quick and the worst part of it all is the sick fact that he thinks he is gods son and I’m the devil like wtf are you smoking you an abusive bastard he is very internet famous the ladies love him the handsome Peruvians are the worst he had so many girls like him think he’s cute it makes you wonder why they never ,messed with him....because they already know but no one bothered to tell me.

Book Review by a customer:

I just picked this book up on vacation and I found it the most illuminating book I've ever read on dysfunctional relationships.

It spells out hurtful, abusive behaviors and what they really mean.

This book helped me see someone whose erratic behavior had confused and hurt me for years was running a classic pattern of tension, abuse, and making amends.

Instead of feeling that the action didn't match the words, I saw clearly that he fit the mold of a control freak who sees relationships as win/lose or dominator/dominatee.

Every woman should read this book and every high school girl.

It will save you wasted time and untold pain.

It helps to differentiate between basically good men who will grow, bad men who may not change, and completely hopeless men who you need to leave in the dust.

Gain your trust for years and betray you.
by: Anonymous

This coward has kicked me, punched me in the eyes twice, called the police on me after drinking to tell them I was on probation so I got arrested for defending myself.

He's had me live in 15 different places after his ex from US told him for a ride that is still on after divorce.

He will mention that he paid a bill and act like he's doing me the favor.

When he was a gambling cheating married man, he treated me like GOLD. I did no wrong. Drank, smoked, listened to music, etc. He paid me for sex too. Now? I have to ask for a penny because I ended up living w/ him. Got me in the Lawrence, Ma ghetto to a rooming house full of drugs, bedbugs, cockroaches, mice, and never felt bad for my bites. Said I was nuts.

Then we moved to a ghetto apartment across the street for 4 yrs. He never paid rent or bills even if he made a grand a week. I'd get 20 a day! Now, he makes 200 a week working 48 hrs as a union carpenter still because his ex that works for the IRS begged him to not file or else she'd lose her job. He was giving her half of unemployment check. 300 a week alimony. So, he listened to her!

Now that I found a decent place to live....built in 1900 1200 a month for rent...nothing included, this happens?

He got a loan for a new truck 25000 silverado truck he put a hooker in. They had sex. I know it. Eviction time....bec. he wouldn't pay rent to the slumlord...or old lady that gives chances to the poor. I owe 700 for the fios bill that was in my name in collections now. He won't pay bills in my name.

I'm in college. Can't get a job because he had me arrested for assault and battery knowing that finals day at college was next day.

He's thrown me out of motel and rooming house doors naked too. My younger brother had meningitis and he wouldn't let him live in the dump in Lawrence, MA in the freezing cold winter 2014. He'd inspect everything coming home from work like a nut...demands sex.

I'm 15 years younger than the man w/ 5 kids. 4 a and b arrests he's had. Failure to prosecute bec. he has MONEY to hire lawyers to make me out to be a drunk druggie w/ a record. *** YOU and your Culture, Peru. Welcome to America Pacaya. You will get what your ex-American wife dreams of one day. We will hug and cry and FORGIVE. Jesus Christ please hear me now. Help me.

Why are Peruvian men liars and cheats?
by: Anonymous

Where did the behaviors begin in the history of this nation's men, considering the history of Peru?

Are there any research articles discussing the behavioral habits of Peruvian men?

Or, are these observations and perceptions limited to a small population?

In the US, there is a growing population of Peruvians. Does anyone know if the immigration to the US has modified the cultural tendencies?

I have observed Peruvian men, young and middle age, in the US. They are not social communicators with American women, although they seem to non-verbally attempt to get a woman's attention. One does not know if they want to get acquainted, or what their intentions might be.

There are several kind of men in Perú.

Not judge us quickly. each man is diferent..!! good luck for all.

Culture and Race...two different things
by: Anonymous

Agree with the comment below.

Culture and race are not synonymous.

The statements on this thread have nothing to do with racism. I know many Latino men who are nothing like Peruvians. They share a language and a skin color...that is all.

If you ask Peruvians themselves they will agree with many of these comments and they are actually known throughout all of Latin America for being liars.

Don't believe anyone on this thread? Do your own research.

I have many female Peruvian friends who refuse to date Peruvian men for all the reasons listed on this thread.

I have lots of Peruvian friends, most of them have been westernized and even they agree. They will say "I love my culture, but yeah, Peruvian men are liars, unfaithful, controlling and jealous".

They also say the women are "crazy", but I imagine it is because the men are such cheaters and liars. My friend went on and on about how his GF was so "crazy jealous" while he was out cheating on her with 2 other girls (not so crazy, huh?).

It's part of the culture there. It is blatant narcissism as they really feel they are entitled to "happiness at all costs" because ironically, they are babied and pampered by their mothers (who are raising them alone), that they deserve to be happy and only deserve the best (no matter how they go about getting it). So the cycle continues.

And for the record....these guys do NOT deserve the best. They have very little to offer a woman other than really good sex.

I've seen these guys in action and they are very adept liars.

Make your own choice, but I for one, will NEVER, EVER, EVER get involved with them.

I have not met a single honest one.

Not. Even. One.

@Blatant racism
by: Nicole

I am a good person. I only just came across this website, but reading the comments is an exact descritption of how my Peruvian ex was.

Considering I was only 19 when we met (he was 26), and we spent several years together, that's very judgemental of you to say.

Are you Peruvian?

Honestly, it's not a racial thing. Racism is saying "white people can't dance" or "black people love watermelon." Those comments are racist and untrue.

This is more of a cultural issue. It's not because Peruvians are of a different race, but of a different culture, where, yes, it is more acceptable for men to be abusive.

It is not part of the Western way of thinking.

I am a good person, as I said, and I didn't deserve to be abused physically and mentally by a man who I was faithful to and did everything for.

I honestly thought the person who said "be a good person to get a good person" was kind of mean and judgemental. You don't even know the women on here. How can you say they are good people?

If I was so racist, how did I fall in love with a native looking Peruvian man to begin with?

Hispanic men treat women worse, on average, it's not about race, it's culture just like a red neck white man finds it more acceptable to beat his wife more so than his educated counterparts.

It's culture, not race.

Blatant Racism
by: Anonymous

Wow, the racism here is disgusting. I wish the moderator would take down this whole thread. There are so many things wrong with this I don't even know where to start.

One sane comment said you can only find a good person if you are a good person yourself. Three cheers for that.

People who have had one bad experience and then stomp around spewing their hurt and anger about that experience over an entire people, stereotyping in the most viscous way possible, are not being particularly good people.

Peruvian men are just men, like you find anywhere else. And men are human, believe it or not, so yes, you find the bad ones and the good ones and the everywhere in-between ones, just like you do if you step outside your own front door and take a good long look at your neighbors. Or yourself.

by: Anonymous

I hope you did really find a nice guy in Peru, even if that's like finding gold in a bunch of crap.

If you would have looked closely to the below posts you would have noticed that most of those guys who were mentioned here were "educated" guys.

Unfortunately when it comes to Peruvian men, education is not what defines them. Being garbage it's just in their DNA.

It's what their slutty mother and their society teach them.

If you could take your time and do some research you will find some really interesting facts about Peruvian people.

The first thing that struck me is that about 60-70% of the mothers are raising their kids alone. And no matter how old the mothers are you will still see them getting involved in silly relationship just because they still search for the "prince charming".

I don't even know how to consider that, obviously is not just being "naive", you cannot expect to find a good man when you're 60 years old and you have 5 kids with 2 different men.

In my country about that age you just want to enjoy your pension fund and your grand childrens, forget about dating new men.

Maybe it's just a social difference, while some people from different countries just want to settle down and have a life together, some other people are just trying to experience as much as they can without thinking about the consequences.

"Living la via loca" is not for everyone after all.

@Adelina, can I ask you if you are Italian? your name is very common in other European countries instead :)

by: Adelina


I've been living in Peru for almost 2 years now, coming and going from Italy.

I've dated the only two male possibilities in Peru.

First I was with a guy who people here consider as 'çholo' described by you all as the macho, abusive, poor, gringa-hunter type.

This lying gross cheating bastard gave me CHLAMYDIA!! and HPV!!

He was always asking when 'we'would go to Italy and stuff like that...turns out he only wanted me to get out of his shitty situation.. SO LADIES, ALWAYS ALWAYs ALWAYS have SAFE SEX!!

And now I am currently dating another guy, who is completely different, not physically but at least he has a career and knows how to treat a woman with respect, I think it's because he is educated, but who knows maybe you weren't lucky enough...

Consider the source
by: Anonymous

Note that the people saying "Peruvian men are great" are people whom English is not their first language.

Take note, Peruvian men are not a good match for those in the western world. They don't appreciate strong women and prefer docile, weak women who put up with their garbage.

If you like a guy who lies to your face and treats you like trash when he's cheating on you, then head on down to Lima and pick up one of these losers.

by: Anonymous

Short, cheaters, liars, selfish, immature mamas-boys

Disgusting subhumans
by: Anonymous

Short, liars, unfaithful, short, controlling, bipolar, selfish, cowards.
Wolves in sheeps clothing.
Ladies, keep your legs and your hearts closed.

Peruvian boy
by: Anonymous

I met Peruvian boy, and strangely i fell for him. He is not my type of man, it wasn't love on first look or so, he is quite short (1,70), dark skinned and so, but it all didn't matter after i got to know him.

He asked me to be officially his grfr after maybe one week of dating, and it was funny for me, but he didn't change his behavior when i said yes, he is so funny, and makes me smile all the time, he is kind and nice really, he absolutely adores my blue eyes and hair, and i really didn't notice that he is flirting or having affections towards any other girls.

But, yes, sometimes he becomes 'macho', all about his pride and man talks and jealousy and then we can not speak normally, but i try not to listen seriously to his blabla talks and is OK.

I really don't speak latinoamerican language, as i told him more than once hah ;) but, i really didn't get the feeling that Peruvians are that bad, i mean, 'my' Peruvian boy is more careful to me than my ex (European). So, i think that u cannot say 'Peruvians are bad or good'. They are just a guys, some of them good, some of them bad :)

Peruvian Guy giving an opinion
by: Anonymous

I was surfing on the internet when I found this site and I took a time to answer all the girls here that talk about Peruvian men .

I agree that there is a big part of Peruvian men who are chauvinist and sometimes very stupid.

However, there is another part of us who likes working and thinking in a better future for us and our family.

I'm a person who is a professional and who got a Master's Degree that took me a lot of effort, and who is also starting his little company so I don't need anyone to support me or give money.

Because of some stupid guys... don't think we are all the same. I personally enjoy when a woman works and develops as a professional and absolutely would not let my future wife to be home and take care of the babies if she wants to work or study.

I think that if you love someone you should let her develop as a person and professional and I don't like people who lack ambition.

I think I would feel proud if the girl I love achieves what she always wanted

Secondly, I live alone and I know to cook , to clean and wash my own clothes I do not need a slave to do the household chores. I know some Peruvian are mama's boys and don't know how to do anything , but Again we are not all the same

Girls , no matter what nationality you are ... first , know the guy , be a friend of them , realize that if he has enough time to be with you all the time it is simply because he has nothing to do. check if he studies and has real plans just words

And for all the girls who really had a bad time with those faggot , stupid , good for nothing Peruvian men I feel really sorry and I extend my apologies to all of you.

by: Anonymous

If you examine the statistics on this country (I have done a ton of research on this) they come in #1 or #2 in the world for both infidelity and lying. It is simply a part of the culture. So despite education level, area of origin, etc., the odds are against a faithful and honest partnership.

I have many male Peruvian friends who chuckle at this fact and admit "yeah, you have to lie". Lying is just a part of the culture, even if it is inconsequential or something ridiculous to lie about.

So, CAN you find an honest man in Peru? Possibly. But your chances are much higher if you look elsewhere.

To date, I have not met a single honest Peruvian man and I know some with PhD's, successful businesses, educated, etc.

I'm sure they exist, but I think if you find one, you should purchase a lottery ticket and thank The Lord for your good fortune.

So if you like, date them, sleep with them, have fun with them (protected of course), but certainly never imagine white picket fences or children. Use them for great sex and get the heck out. You'll save yourself some heartache and misery if you go into it knowing what to expect.

by: Liliam

Hey guys, I am from Germany and I have lived in Peru long enough to give a detailed descriptions of Peruvian guys.

1)Peru is a culturally diverse country, but here are 3 types of man, the man from the Andes, the man from the Jungle and the man from the coast.

The man from the coast that is not from Lima are "Lima wannabe's", the Andeans that live in the Andes will not be with people from other countries since they are very traditional, but there are lots of people from the highlands coming to Lima and those are the worse, not only because they are very ignorant but also because they are aggressive and like alcohol like crazy.

Guys from the jungle in the other hand and very sweet BUT get ready to be their housewife.

According to your descriptions, you have been mostly with guys from the highlands, those are the ones that are "gringa-hunters", those that stay illegally in other countries and those that cannot have a healthy relationship.

People naturally from Lima is all the opposite, the are very educated, the travel a lot, they are good lovers and have better values and principles BECAUSE they know more about the world. Therefore, they have respect for another cultures.

I will give you an advice, if you find a guy with this characteristic:
-smaller than 5'5 (165cm)
- not beard
-wide face
-very dark skin
-bad English knowledge (just good enough to cheat you with fake charming)
-no money
-more than 3 siblings
then you are with a highlander from Peru. Then you cannot judge all Peruvian man just because this type of man is totally different than the other 20 million from the coast and jungle.

Limeans are:
-their last name has spanish, italian or french roots
-their parents studied abroad
-they have at least a bachelor degree
-they speak English or another language
-They like other sports, not only soccer (futbol)
-they are taller than (5'6), mine is 5'12
-When they travel, they do it for tourism not for staying as immigrants.
-they are great dancers
-they have a very different way of talking, they have words or expressions like; "pota madre", "nada broer", "no pasa naaada", "hasta las huevas"...

Indeed, they lie like every single person in the world, they cheat as any other man or woman in the world,..

I guess you guys didn't find any other option in your own countries, right?. If you have such negative inputs about Peruvians, then go back to your countries.

Also, I have to add something.

I find Limeans much more educated than any guys in the US. I have meet with US-Americans and asked me if Germany has a king, usually when you talk to them they always say.. ohhh Cool!! and they have no clue what are u talking about. so.. don't be so harsh. They even think AMERICA is only the US and not a freaking continent.

In order to be with a good person, you need to be a good person yourself. You will never choose the right person if you don't have good enough values that will allow you to see better and understand better the behavior of people.

Peruvian Man
by: Trust Me

I can save you some time here by summarizing a Peruvian Man in 2 words: Absolutely Worthless

Save yourself some problems and keep looking. You won't find Mr. Right in that country no matter how hard you look. It's like trying to find gold in a pile of garbage.

Peruvian Men some are good and some are not
by: Anonymous

I have been married to a Peruvian man for ten years. I am at the point that I need to get divorced from him.

We have two daughters, Linda and Susanna. They adore their father. They are 11 and 14 years old. Peruvian men love their daughters and think of their wives as housekeepers and cleaning ladies.

They only think of themselves and their Peruvian family.

I am done with this Peruvian Macho nonsense. I only hope that my daughters choose more wisely than I did and think twice about marrying a Peruvian man.

They are selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed. They never think of anyone but themselves.

by: Anonymous

First of all, hello, I am currently in a rollercoaster "relationship" with a Peruvian man for the last year and a half, and I have to say I agree with many of the women here.

It is nice to see that I am not alone, and not the only female who has been hurt and deceived by them.

When I met my boyfriend, I was easily fooled. He is only the second boyfriend I ever had in my life, as I wasn't allowed to date in high school and was sort of sheltered, so it was easy for him to pull the wool over my eyes.

He is an immigrant to my country, but I was okay with that, because he speaks English and is a hard worker.

When we first met, he was so sweet and kind, so much so that I was suspicious, but he would spend all his free time with me and make me laugh and tell me about his life, and I felt like we really clicked, so I eventually decided to give him a chance when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Then things changed quick.

In the beginning, he was always promising me things, and he never made good on any of it. He started to avoid spending time with me, and he hasn't taken me on a date in over a year. Yet he still expects sex, even though he knows I was raised very Catholic and I have conflicting feelings about premarital sex.

He didn't have a car until a month ago, and expected I would drive him places. He asks for money all the time and ignores me for days me when I can't lend him any.

His whole family is in Peru still, except for his sister and his brother-in-law from Mexico, who live close to us. When he doesn't get his way, he brings his sister into our arguments to stand up for him.

He is a sissy, lazy, little cry baby mama's boy. He can't even scrape his knee without hysterics. He calls out of work just because he feels tired.

He is constantly in trouble at work for goofing off and hiding in the bathroom so he doesn't actually have to do anything. ]]

He refused to meet my family, even though he demands we go to his sister's apartment all the time.

And the lies. He lies about stupid, insignificant things. He can't even tell the truth about stupid stuff, let alone anything else.

He disappears for hours on the weekends, never says what he's doing, until I find a pair of women's pants and other items in his room and when I confront them he says they're his male friend's.

That's the worst part; he treats me like I'm stupid and dumb enough to believe his crap. He never asks what's going on in my life, at my work, with getting my degree, about my family, never bothers to take me anywhere, never spends quality time with me, he gets angry and tells me f*** you, call me a dumb b****, gets in my face and makes me cry. ]]

He asked me to marry him and I said yes, and now I regret that immensely. I'm not a materialistic person, but even the ring he bought me was cheap and fake, I had it appraised at a jeweler's the week after he proposed, and found it he lied that it was not a real diamond. Why am I not surprised.

He is the most chauvinistic, racist, not to mention most adept at lying person I know. He tells me he loves me, then he goes and cheats on me, or gets nasty with me, cursing me out and telling me I'm worthless, getting up in my face and getting physical with me one two occasions, and it has recently come out that his motivation for proposing to me was my visa.

He was born and raised in Peru until the age of 21. He is now almost 28. What does that tell you? That he was raised this way his whole life and now he thinks its okay to cheat on and disrespect women.

The Peruvian male culture is a nasty one, many Hispanic males are machismo, and Peruvians are no exception.

My advice if you are considering a relationship with a Peruvian is to avoid it, hold out for a better guy, he could be of any other race or nationality, but don't be fooled by the Peruvian's fake charm and lies that he will tell. And if you are in a bad relationship with a Peruvian man, get away from him now while you can. Every woman is beautiful or special in her own way, and you deserve better.

The perfect woman for a Peruvian Man
by: Duped

Are you submissive?
Do you like small men?
Do you like men with below average incomes?
Do you like rather unattractive men who use charm as their only weapon?
Do you enjoy hiding your intelligence from your partner as to not intimidate him?
Do you like doing everything, remaining faithful and kind while he parties all night?
Do you like being judged?
Do you like drunks?
Are you OK with infidelity?
Do you enjoy lies?
Are you ignorant?
Do you like being swindled?
Do you like being controlled?
Don't mind looking stupid to your friends for putting up with it?
Do you like wondering if you've been exposed to STD's?
Do you hate birth control and can't wait to have a baby with a non-existent father?
Do you like being accused of things you didn't do?
Do you like a hypocrisy and jealousy?
Do you like being talked down to?
Do you like being loved and then later insulted?
Do you love "mama's boys"?

Sound like you?
Then a Peruvian guy is right for you! In Lima alone, it is a city of 9 million and as a gringa, you can have your pick, so get 'em girl!
Let the horrible relationship and years of therapy begin!

by: Anonymous

The more I read these posts the more I learn how to appreciate "my people".
Every man that I had in my life had some purpose. I have always felt that no matter how good or bad a relationship has been for me, I still had something to learn from it.

But not when it came to my Peruvian fiasco.

I wish I could still see a reason of why I have felt in love of this fake cheating midget.

After months of suffering I can only say that I thank God for keeping me out of this jerk, I thank him for not allowing me to marry this snake and for not getting pregnant to this garbage.

For women who found themselves in a worst situation, I can only say to them to raise their child with dignity and to keep them away from this garbage.

I found it strange how so many, many women in Peru are raising these future men all by them self. But what they are raising are a future generation of garbage.

Peruvian Men....Proceed with Caution
by: Anonymous

Wow, I can agree with so many of these posts here, I only wish that I had read them before getting involved with a Peruvian man. If you do a quick Google search the consensus is unanimous.

Yes I've been burned and yes I'm bitter. I know several Peruvian men however (all of them "friends"), and they all fit this mold, no matter how "nice" or "educated" they seem.

I met a 34 year old Peruvian man and we started as friends and language partners. He is attending the university to obtain a business degree. I am an intelligent, successful woman with a Master's degree and pride myself on not being fooled easily. I was fooled by him.

Although he is a terrible liar, his incredible charm seems to blind women into believing his stories. (you will hear many stories of their charm and it is all true).

Physically, he is not my type (short, small) but his personality and love for me was intoxicating.

Let me tell you this:

-Best lover you've ever had.

-When you are his #1, you've never felt more beautiful in your life.

-But when they've found a new #1, you will be treated like garbage and they will look for your faults to justify their own behavior. Often using "culture" to insult you.

-Their feelings "change" quickly (this generally depends on where the nearest set of breasts are).

-They will lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. At all costs. If their mouth is moving, they are lying. Lie about inconsequential things. Lying just to lie.

-They will make plans and promises that they have no intention on keeping.

-Mama rules their world. When he talks to his mom, he is a zombie afterwards while the brainwashing takes effect. She will make or break your relationship and if you are an American, the odds are not in your favor.

-They will live with their mom into their 30's and this is considered perfectly normal

-Child rearing is left to the mothers while the fathers party all night (usually out "changing their feelings").

I take responsibility because in hindsight there were so many red flags, but I was blinded by love and assumed we had a relationship based on trust. It took months to recover from the heartbreak of this cheating, lying, manipulative jerk. I'm just hoping I won't also require antibiotics.

My advice....careful, careful, careful, careful. Don't think "He's not like that! He's different! He says I'm special!". There are a long line of women who would have said the same thing at one point. Me included.

Trust me, I would have defended him against the world and yet now here I am, joining the herds of women who said "told you so!". There should be a club "Peruvian ex-GF club" It would be full of intelligent successful women with amazing stories to tell.

love mis Peruanitos
by: Anonymous

I am Peruvian woman, 4th of 6 children... 4 older BROTHERS... yikes!!! So I know how they are.

Each one of my brothers are extremely different yet VERY TYPICAL PERUVIAN MALES.

1) all of them are "rico-suaves, casanovas" when it comes to conquer women.

2) They open door for you, They PAY ALWAYS when they take out to eat, dance or any event, they shower you with presents and are very very "affectionate" in public. They are extremely sociable - have friends and make friends in an instant. They like to show you around "like a trofi"

2) once you become "steady or get marry" things change. They become possessive, obsessive and jealous. See it has to do with the fact that when you get marry in Peru you have to take your husband's last name. This is shown by place the article "De" plus his last name. Basically, your name is Jane and his last name is Ruiz, you would became "Jane De Ruiz".... which literally means "belonging to Ruiz!!! And That is when the machismo kick in full force - you became his property. But an intelligent woman can easily manage them... praise them -day and night, love their mom AND sisters AND cook - there you have 85% control in relationship.

Peruvians are really cool people, strong will but not crazy, very affectionate and need to feel appreciate it - or else they will go elsewhere, why? Because they can!

Peruvian think they can get away from American ways
by: Josephine

I was with my Peruvian for six years. Never thought he would cheat on me.

Well, he did and went off getting another woman pregnant without me knowing until I became pregnant. It was a stab in my heart. Although yet I was still willing to give him a chance and open the door to him.

He thinks he is making a good decision when I was willing to help him out with his other child due to the strong love I still had for him, and not only him, but for the sake of my daughter who will be coming into this world. It matters to me of raising my daughter with both parents.

Well, since the other woman was not asking of child support but yet still wanted some type of help he decided to move in with his, "one day stand" and help her with the child. I told him he is making the biggest mistake.

He informs me the judge here in the U.S. will think of his family in Peru. (mom and two kids)I know he is not married in Peru because I have spoken to his mom and I was to fly to Peru with him. Although I did not. He goes every year to visit familia in Peru.

Well, I feel very sorry for him. He has really screwed up his life because he cant control his dick. Well, when my daughter is born he will suffer his consequences. He has no choice but to pay child support for my child.

If he marries the other girl it will financially effect her. Will she still be with him when she finds out of me?

If she does will she accept the fact that she will not receive much child support if I apply before her if she does find out of me. Also, I am going to do what I can with attorney for him to regret the pain he caused me.

Peruvian men shouldn't play with American woman's feelings. This is not Peru. This is America. Also, why be with a woman who can't help and have less education. I have my degree and make good income. people like Peruvian men need to learn from their mistakes. "What goes around will come around."

It's happened to me before and I've learned from my mistakes. Stupid Peruvian men.

by: Lucy

My man is physically abusive when he is drunk and when he is sober he is emotionally abusive.

His values change and he is controlling but at least he is a good lover but he is also a liar and his name is Joshualdo.

Peruvian men are liars, promiscuous and garbage
by: Anonymous

I dated a Peruvian guy about 3- 4 months ago. He's probably the most hard working guy i've ever met. He is great in bed and he WAS the sweetest and the most gentleman guy i've ever met. Until I caught him hooking up with multiple girls.

He might be the most hard working and most affectionate guy I've known but he's also the biggest liar, most controlling and most promiscuous guy I've ever met.

He lied about how many partners he's had in the past and how many partner's he has as of that moment.

He never treated me as equal. I've always felt like I was inferior to him and suppose to cater to his needs all the time. And I never got the same care from him.

I'm not a babysitter. I have my university degree and I'm a professional.

Also, another bad quality of this guy is he's quite the party animal. He's alcoholic. He likes to drink and likes to get drunk.

So one thing I would like to tell all females out there is to be careful of Peruvian men. They will do anything and and will say anything to get into your pants. And not just your pants, but also the pants of other women.

Don't even waste your time. Find someone better!

Mama's boy and natural liar
by: Anonymous

I really agree on Peruvian mothers do LOVE their adult sons so much.

There was that one time, a Peruvian mum kissed her adult son (35 year old+) and squeezed her son's cheek like the way you would do with a baby and called him "mi bebe"(my baby in Spanish) in a gathering.

I found it really strange for an adult, but it looked like it was so natural to everyone (all Peruvians except me), so I didn't say anything either.

Besides, they are real natural liars. They are very smooth about it that looks like a second nature, but of course women can still feel something not quite right, but it looks so believable.

Girl, you are not crazy or too sensitive. I have been there and done that. I am totally with you. I can always find something.

So, if you feel something weird with any conversations with your man, girl, I suggest you to trust yourself, get to the bottom about the conversation, of course behind his back. And of course, maybe it is just me and several other friends.

They can be great lovers too, but only if they are determined. PS - they are not considered as determined even if they are marry you. But once they decided to love you, they are exceptional lovers that care about you in all aspects.

How are Peruvian men
by: Peruvian girl

Hello everyone im fro Peru and I ask myself what other girls think about Peruvian men here well I want to help you and say the true here are so many different kind of guys all are not the same like around the world some are really bad and lie also have many girlfriend but others are like the best boyfriend also with you and love forever but I want to say that if you want to have a Peruvian bf never kiss him the first time you date with him just be friends first really good friends then, when you feel he really like you its ok to be couple :)
Also! When a girl here cheat a good guy they turn to bad guys (not all of course but 80% so be careful then its ok just take care of him and also know all his friends ! :)

hope this be good for you girls and im so sorry my english is so bad haha Oh !

And they love girls that cook really good! ^^ that cook Peruvian food (no problem is easy)

PD : they are sweet !! They love hugs and kiss in front all people they don't care just if they really love you they don't care anything else more than you ;)

Peruvian men clash with American women
by: Anonymous

I lived in Peru for four years and found that modern american women clash with Peruvian men.

Unless the man has been Americanized these couples tend to have problems because of the following; Peruvian men tend to be jealous, like to be in control and are chauvinistic.

Most of them were babied by their mothers.

Peruvian mothers tend to enable their sons and take mothering to another level. So when these men seek a partner they are looking for someone just as devoted to fulfilling their every need as their mother.

They expect their woman to cook and clean.

They also tend to have a wandering eye unless they meet that one person. When they meet that one person they can transform into real respectful men.

One thing I did notice is Peruvian men make great fathers.

One thing I forgot to mention is the Latin temper. You will never win in a fight with a Peruvian (male or female).

The most important thing is they are incredibly loving.

I personally prefer an Americanized Peruvian. They are very loving and also respectful to women. They have modern viewpoints and value family.

I would never date a traditional Peruvian man because it would never work.

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Plus you get the bonus audio transcript to read at your leisure.

Surviving Unfaithfulness - Single Pack (DVD, CD, TS)

Peruvian men are a high percentage of no good compared to other nationalities
by: Anonymous

I never thought my Peruvian man would emotionally hurt me. I always asked myself, "Why do l love him so much?"

When l met him I never had an attraction towards him. I knew him as a friend at work & he was, "ugly." I always felt when spoke he had something for me. I felt it.

He made his first move on me & pushed him away three times. After awhile I gave in. I don't know why. You know it's usually said it's not looks its their personality.

After being together for awhile l always trusted him 100% that he would not cheat on me even when we separated. We always came back to each other. It's nice being with someone u have no worries but faith towards.

After six years being together we constantly had our up & downs. There was a time l kept my distance from him for three weeks because l wanted him to understand that it takes two for a relationship to work. I wasn't there and he slept with someone. It killed me deeply. So many chances l had with other men, but l always pushed them away because l did not want to feel the guilt & I still loved my, "Richard."

After that nightstand the woman contacted him after 7 months. After four months of child being born he still came to my home to have sex with me and me not knowing. Afterwards it turned out I became pregnant. It just happened.

When l told him of my pregnancy he then confessed about the other child he had & he did not want this child with me. After six years of being together he decides to b with the other to raise the child since the baby was already here. He does not want our child and l have decision for abortion. I still decided to beg him to come back to me & let's raise this child together & l will do what l can to help who u support in Peru. I will still allow you to raise the little girl. He still turned me down.

It's very sad how Peruvian men don't think of their mistakes in life & what goes around will come around. You will want to settle down in your life one day.

I concur
by: Anonymous

Wow I relate to so many of these posts.

I'm half Peruvian and my father, who is Peruvian, is very chauvinistic, controlling, extremely stingy, notoriously unfaithful (yet thinks he's secretive) & even has Peruvian friends with all these traits.

What someone said about the mothers possibly being more chauvinistic I agree with to an extent because they basically nurture and reinforce that mindset.

I also have a cousin whose Peruvian husband is very controlling towards her and even says demeaning things to her as though she isn't intelligent...when she's an engineer.

Told my mother a long time ago that I'd never marry a Peruvian because I cannot tolerate that machismo attitude for anything.

Good luck everyone.

Peruvian men are lying cheating sneaks
by: Anonymous

I have been with a Peruvian man for almost 3 very long years..the first 4 months were amazing. We would always go for walks and spend time together too get too know each other, so I thought. He was only working his bullshit on me and he succeeded..

I fell in love with him very fast because he always had the right words too say and he was so loving and caring and I will say the sex is amazing.. Best I ever had.

I will say that I know he lies and cheats and deceives me. I found pictures of him with other woman on night he said he was spending time with his family. I did confront him but, like always, deny, deny.

I still too this day know what he does but no matter how hard I tried so many times too walk away I just can't do it. He has this hold on me that I just can't break...he plays me for a fool and I let him.

He has never spent a dime on me either. He has a good job but, yet I find myself always helping him out with money for one thing or another.

I'm sure he's using me partly for money but still I can't get him out of my mind or heart.

Do yourselves a favor and stay as far away as possible from these men because they will break you down and destroy your heart and mind.

Book Review by a customer:

I just picked this book up on vacation and I found it the most illuminating book I've ever read on dysfunctional relationships.

It spells out hurtful, abusive behaviors and what they really mean.

This book helped me see someone whose erratic behavior had confused and hurt me for years was running a classic pattern of tension, abuse, and making amends.

Instead of feeling that the action didn't match the words, I saw clearly that he fit the mold of a control freak who sees relationships as win/lose or dominator/dominatee.

Every woman should read this book and every high school girl.

It will save you wasted time and untold pain.

It helps to differentiate between basically good men who will grow, bad men who may not change, and completely hopeless men who you need to leave in the dust.

huge liers
by: Europe

Where should I even start? I've been dealing with a peruvian guy for more than one year and i regret each day.

At first all was great. I am a smart woman and i knew from the start he is lying to me. After less than 3 weeks he said he loves me.

I've play it on, but I would have never guest I will fall in love with him. And from that point I have only have to suffer.

He pretended that I'm "a part of him" and things like that, the most amazing liar I have ever met. All was fine for me, we were planing for him to visit me and the next day ( and
i really mean next day!) he totally disappeared from my life!!! Without any word!

We are working for the same company, and
I have always felt like he is trying to find "inside details" from my office.

I felt like nothing when he totally got me out of his life. And then he got back after months. Things were never the same, I couldn't trust him anymore and he was not the same. After months I was ready to forget all the bad things and to give it another try.

He was hesitating but still never admit it he was in a relationship. And than I find out he just got married with his ugly assistant! The most ugly woman I have even seen and he agreed with me on that, long time ago! Now when I think about it I realized that maybe she knew about me. I would not be surprised if she was part of the plan of getting inside information.

Anyway, I would not advise any European/ American woman to be dealing with Peruvian guys. They are the best liars in the world and the huge garbage! Anything is better than Peruvian, for them is normal to trick woman.

If you have any respect for yourself just stay out of them, i won't even mention their sexual sick needs!

Peruvian men are not good
by: Anonymous

Peruvian men are nothing but faggots, cowards & trash!

Laughing - from a guy's point of view
by: Anonymous

Sorry to say this but I was laughing while I was reading all these comments. So, some of you have a bad experience with a Peruvian guy and think they are all bad..that's stupid!. And for the Peruvian girls that talk **** about Peruvian boys: shut up ****! dejan mal a su gente!

I'll try to give you a very neutral opinion.

There are all kind of guys. We like to flirt girls like any other Latin guy.

Latin guys are very complicated (not only Peruvians).

If you had a bad Peruvian boyfriend I'm sorry. But all relationships don't go well, so don't blame the country or the people. It's your fault, why did you date with him in the first place?

First know the person well and then date him/her.

Like any other guys, we like parties, dancing, flirting, kissing many girls ..... but when we find the real love, when we really! really! fall in love we can be the best partner AND FINALLY BE RESPONSIBLE. You'll see the change.

Don't get angry. You weren't the real love of their life for those guys. That's all.

Peruvian guys are pretty much like any other man
by: Anonymous

I´m a guy from Peru and personally I think that all men are the same at some point.

We can all be a real pain, but we can also be really nice and thoughtful.

Physically speaking, we're all not good looking, I know I'm not, but some of us can be great companions and have a serious relationship...

I wouldn't know if I would be a good boyfriend for a girl since I've never been in a relationship with one.

Besides...I don´t think American girls like dark-skinned men.

Peruvian men are not good at all
by: Anonymous

Peruvian men are so different from American men!

Describing a Peruvian Man in a good way is cooking good & good sex, but having a good relationship SUCKS!

A woman doesn't like to live in misery.

An American man will appreciate you & support you & deal with his responsibilities.

After 7 years in a relationship why does a Peruvian inform me he doesn't feel the same for me so we separate but yet he still gets upset if I'm out with someone else?

I don't understand Peruvians. He left me. Why do Peruvians control and are chauvinistic?

Working For A Peruvian
by: Anonymous

I work/ volunteer for this guy at my church who's an intern for our youth ministry. He's 23 and Peruvian (3 years older than me). He was very nice, flirtatious, and intentional.

He would give me rides to all of the events (because I'm physically handicapped and haven't driven before), interacting with me on a regular basis outside of church via text and social media (that was all BEFORE I started working/ volunteering for him).

But now that I technically "work" for him (even though I'm a volunteer) he's completely changed.

You're probably wondering, "Well how did you end up volunteering/ working for this guy?" I wanted to get more acclimated with the church. So, the youth pastor assigned me to (the guy I've been describing).

I want to be friends with him (and not just a volunteer). And I know he is capable of that because he was acting like a friend to me BEFORE all of this. But, he doesn't treat me like a friend anymore. He's outgoing, sarcastic (in a cute way), and flirtatious with EVERY OTHER FEMALE (volunteer, staffer, and student) that's between the ages of 16-40 lol. He's also very laid back and down to earth when he's around his guy friends. But now... around me?. His personality change toward me is night and day.

He makes me feel stupid sometimes, calls me a nickname (that I hate), rolls his eyes at me, is condescending towards me, and talks about other women in front of his buddies as if they were a piece of meat.

He ACTS nice to me only when he wants/ needs something done (like an assignment or task). He's never genuine around me anymore. I feel like he asks me "how are you?" only when his boss and other people (that volunteer or work on staff) so he doesn't look like a jerk. And when he does ask me "How are you?" he doesn't actually listen.

He knows how to suck up to people that can give him what he needs or would serve as some sort of benefit for him.

Book Review by a customer:

I just picked this book up on vacation and I found it the most illuminating book I've ever read on dysfunctional relationships.

It spells out hurtful, abusive behaviors and what they really mean.

This book helped me see someone whose erratic behavior had confused and hurt me for years was running a classic pattern of tension, abuse, and making amends.

Instead of feeling that the action didn't match the words, I saw clearly that he fit the mold of a control freak who sees relationships as win/lose or dominator/dominatee.

Every woman should read this book and every high school girl.

It will save you wasted time and untold pain.

It helps to differentiate between basically good men who will grow, bad men who may not change, and completely hopeless men who you need to leave in the dust.

by: Anonymous

I am an American woman who has been in a 6 year going onto a 7 year relationship with a Peruvian man.

I agree VERY MUCH with you that Peruvian men are controlling, but also chauvinist, jealous and YES very much sex. 7 days a week is too much & he's not physically abusive but with me a controlling man is too much.

Why do they have to be the superior and rather compromise

Trust me
by: I'm Peruvian

I'm Peruvian. I'm a girl.

There are obviously some good guys here in my country, but most of them are not, so please listen to me and go to Australia o some other country where men are not chauvinist.

Here even your mother-in-law will be the most chauvinist person, maybe even more then the guy.

I know all of this since Ive been through it with my family (Dad and grandmother). Usually they are controlling.

I'm not saying all guys are like that but I'm still trying to help you to understand my point.

Peruvian men are not good
by: Anonymous

Well, good for you!

What is the percentage of a good Peruvian man and an American man?

I would say the percentage of a good Peruvian man is pretty low.

Foreign men do not do much for their woman who are in their lives.

I always took my relationship very serious. I never asked my man for money.

When I would be stuck on the side of the road because the vehicle went bad who was the person I to call?

My man.

He failed me and would get upset with me.

I had to call my mother.

After six years in the relationship? That was not good.

I never had an American man in my life who failed me stuck on the side of the road after six years.

Hard to say, I know my Peruvian loved me because when we went our separate ways he always came back to me & I would see the pain when we went our separate ways.

And I would constantly tell him no American woman does not like a man that cannot deal with his responsibilities.

A man to stand by his woman!

Peruvian men are not good in relationships
by: Anonymous

I ve been with my Peruvian boyfriend six years.

He lives with his brother.

My boyfriend opened the door to another Peruvian friend & gave him a place to stay.

I asked my boyfriend let's move in together. He turned me down.

I decided to go back to college.

A while later, I'm laid off from work, my car breaks down. I request his help for transportation to school. There is no bus that goes that direction.

He turns me down.

I will have to withdraw from school. I've missed 2 weeks, I'm running out of money, I have no food.

By the end of this month where will I go? I will have to leave my apt.

Not once has he offered me help.

I've been with him for six years.

Peruvian men may be hard workers but they don't know that a relationship is a responsibility.

Peruvian men are no good.

They are also very jealous and controlling.

Peruvians are scum
by: Anonymous

I am married to peruvian guy and he is the biggest scum I've ever met in my life.

His mother father and sister and her baby are leeches.

Father doesn't work mother doesn't work sister doesn't work. Sister has a baby but no baby daddy.

They have no traditions, don't celebrate any holidays. They literally wore pajamas for Christmas dinner.

My husband is stupid and uneducated. Has no knowledge of nothing: math, chemistry, history, politics.

He's extremely jealous. Tracks my phone, checks who I called or texted.

I have to text him where I am at all times, meanwhile this bitch does whatever he wants.

Stay away!!! Get a white guy.

My guy friend
by: Anonymous

My guy friend is very respectful, can act macho at times, but also listens when I have something to say.

He's acclimating to my culture, and I am doing the same for him.

I'm African American and sometimes we have that bantering debate about me being too "rebellious".

But, it seems like he is surrounded by successful and strong Peruvian women, so it's not too difficult for him to handle me.

But, I know he likes the strong side of me, otherwise, why stick around?

Ah Peruvians.
by: Anonymous

Ive been dating a Peruvian man for close to a year now.

I also have a friend who's dated a Peruvian man,and our experiences are quite similar.

Peruvian men in my experience are hard working, VERY affectionate, and funny.

Yes, they can be pretty macho (to varying degrees). And yes, to a great many of them, Peru and its inhabitants are the most amazing things existing on this planet.

And I'm an African American woman who's dating a Peruvian born man, so sometimes the Peruvians vs. Americans or Peruvians vs. African Americans debates rear their annoying (but always in good fun) heads lol.

But they are all around great guys.....just a little big headed but hey, that's most men;)

Peruvian guy
by: Cynthia Farfan

Well, Peruvian guys, (for me) they are

"male chauvinist" ,

they like to work,

yes, they like to have fun,

they like to dance ,

they like to be with family,


they are liars,

they are good actors,

when they want (sex) they know how to lie,

they like that girls be in "house",

some of them are little stupid, and

some of them are intelligent, like in other countries.

Peruvian men don't like "jealous girls." why?

because they like to "cheat" behind your back..

Here in Peru, we have a lot of b*****s, who like to be with married guys,

I hate guys in my country, because whatever a girl walks by, they look at you, and start to yell at you, like: "hey beauty, hey my love, good a**"

They yell b***s**t, but there are good guys too! You just have to be very careful, like any woman :)


Greetings from Peruvian girl.

I'm married with a Serbian guy, I didn't expect that, but that just happen, he make me to fall in love with him.. and after much time, and i said yes to him.. and we are now a couple young happy, who want to grow up in life. :)

Sorry for bad English.

Mucha suerte!

Book Review by a customer:

I just picked this book up on vacation and I found it the most illuminating book I've ever read on dysfunctional relationships.

It spells out hurtful, abusive behaviors and what they really mean.

This book helped me see someone whose erratic behavior had confused and hurt me for years was running a classic pattern of tension, abuse, and making amends.

Instead of feeling that the action didn't match the words, I saw clearly that he fit the mold of a control freak who sees relationships as win/lose or dominator/dominatee.

Every woman should read this book and every high school girl.

It will save you wasted time and untold pain.

It helps to differentiate between basically good men who will grow, bad men who may not change, and completely hopeless men who you need to leave in the dust.

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