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How would you describe the typical Brazilian guy?

by Shenaya
(Toronto, Canada)

There are a lot of Brazilians here in Canada.

At work there is one that is interesting and likable.

  • But I don't know much about his culture and wondered what kind of a boyfriend (or?) they are.
  • Mainly, are they faithful or do they cheat and lie?

A girlfriend of mine has a boyfriend who is from South America (Peru) and she cries about him to me all the time.

Please help me out.

~ Question asked by Shenaya in Toronto, Canada

How would you describe the typical Brazilian guy?

Is he short, tall, dark, light, handsome, or ugly?

Better yet, is he well-mannered, respectfuly, helpful, friendly, and interested in others?

Or is he self-centered, egoistic, belittling, unfaithful, or deceitful?

Well, we all know that each individual is different. However, some of you know first-hand what a Brazilian guy is like - and what to look for and what to avoid.

We invite your comments below. relationships

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