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How to Carry Your Money when Traveling

by Jonathan M.
(Lawrenceville, GA USA)

Plastic Money is Good - Some of the Time

Plastic Money is Good - Some of the Time

When you're traveling, one of the most important things is the money you have in your possesion.

With that in mind, one needs to be very careful and mindful of their cash.

As the saying goes 'don't keep all your eggs in one basket,' the same rule applies with your cash.

Always have at least a few places where you've stored your money. This way, if the unfortunate event of a robbery occurs or you just simply lose a sum of money, you have a plan B and not all is lost.

To add to that, make sure to have multiple forms of payment (debit card, cash, credit card, etc.). This is a valuable tip especially when you consider the chances an ATM in a remote part of the world might eat your card and if all you were relying on is that card to pay your way through your trip, what are you to do?
When it comes to carrying currency it's not wise to carry currency that can't easily be changed.

This means you need to do research on whether or not your currency is often easily changed. By far, Euros, British pounds and U.S. Dollars are the easiest currencies to change, and in particular in the expanding world.

Even if all the banks are closed, most times you can find a shopkeeper who is willing to trade a few bills.

Keep enough to the side to support yourself for several days, plan for the worst, and use smaller denomination bills, so you don’t have change everything at a rate that doesn't benefit you.

Simple Tips for Carrying Cash in List Form:

1.    Have multiple safe places to store your cash

2.    Have multiple forms of payment; Have a backup

3.    Research if your currency is easy to change

4.    Only carry currency that is easily changed; You might as well not have any money if you’re carrying currency that is hard to change

5.    Carry small bills and simply try to avoid large bills if possible

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