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Glass Fishing Floats in Peru?

by David Schneider
(Los Organos, Peru)

Has anyone ever found glass fishing floats in Peru? They were used extensively before the advent of plastic to support fishing nets and are still used in some small villages of the orient.

They also were produced in Argentina for sure, who knows if any were made here in Peru.

A glass fishing float could bring a high price if rare. Even if you don't decide to sell one, send some photos.

One of our friends,
Stu Farnsworth, is a renowned authority and collector and specifically is asking about a float made in Argentina. The description is:

It would be the typical size of a European glass fishing float - which would be Grapefruit sized - and would be embossed MOSCUZZA and then below that IND. ARG

Let us know!

David and Lin at

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