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Gianni Truvianni’s Bus Trip From Tacna, Chile to Lima, Peru - II

Author: Gianni Truvianni

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Once however the bus started on its way, my Argentine traveling companion by the name of Jorge (last name I do not recall) and I got seated and even comfortable, well more or less and got to talking about the many curious aspects of our journey. One of them being that the roads in Peru, were simply nothing that could even be compared to either Chile or Argentina; as at least these two countries had paved ones. The road we were traveling on; which could not be called a “highway” by any stretch of the imagination was a dry dirt road, which made it specially dusty for us in the bus when we were overtaken by any faster moving vehicle, which was not all that difficult given the limited speed our bus had to travel at due to all that had been packed on top.

During our trip, Jorge and I talked about our lives, me telling him about my career as a photographer while he told me about his life in Venezuela; though our topics did include historical ones like, Eva Peron. It was on this aspect that he told me that my understanding of this subject was that of the typical American, which I asked what that was to his reply that my view was like all Americans who believed in a simplified version of Eva Peron. The one that she and her husband, led a government which was perhaps generous to the poor but very corrupt, to which I asked if that was not the case, to hear that all was not that simple.

Our bus trip however would be interrupted at the borderline between the province of Tacna, and the rest of Peru. This because though Tacna is a part of Peru, it is treated because of its status as a “free port” as another country; where one is in fact required not only to show one’s passport but go through customs and even pay duty on what one has purchased in Tacna. This however not a process one is not required to under go when one enters
Tacna from the rest of Peru.

As one can suspect with all those people on the bus who were full up with goods, customs would be an issue which would take a great deal of time, specially since there were several other busses in front of us on line to get across the boarder. Many buses however, more often then not would take up a collection amongst its passengers to pass on to the custom officer who in turn would not look too carefully or at all for that matter and even let busses that paid go through without having to wait online. All of which making life easier but with my travel companion’s fortune and mine on that occasion, we just happened to get on a bus of passengers; who apart from being loaded with goods, were not really willing to shell out any money to bribe the customs officer. All of which meant, Jorge and I; who had nothing on us apart from our clothes and personal belongings would have to wait ten hours or perhaps more at the boarder before we would be let through, simply because we were on a bus that was apparently carrying contraband, with people who were to frugal to pay what would have amounted to 10 dollars a piece for the bus to go through or perhaps five would have done it. As a matter of fact, Jorge and I even offered to put in five dollars each to the collection that would have gone to the customs officer, only to find out that we and another woman were the only ones willing to sacrifice money for the sake of saving time.

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About the Author My name is Gianni Truvianni, I am an author who writes with the simple aim of sharing his ideas, thoughts and so much more of what I am with those who are interested in perhaps reading something new. I also am the author of the book entitled “New York's Opera Society ” which is now available on Amazon.

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