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General travel tips

by Olga

Hello, I used to travel quite a bit, and here are some proactive actions that I take to make my trips enjoyable:

- If you go for vacation to a place that you have never been to, check tripadvisor forums for other travellers' reviews. You can ask questions there, too. I found cheap bus from Venice to Pula in Europe, best three star hotel of all available in Mexico ( with five-star service), and changed my mind about trip to a certain place in Costa-Rica after reading other peoples' advice on tripadvisor.
- Always keep your passport and some money in bills on you, not in your hand bag. In some countries, you have to be really beware of theft. Credit cards may not work everywhere.
- Always take your familiar medications from tummy ache, headache, and whatever else health problem you have;
- Learn written and spoken basic words like "Restaurant", "Stop", "Bus", "Left","Right"
- And my top tip that worked in every country is - learn "Thank you","Excuse me", "Please", and "I don't speak XXX language, I speak only English, can you please help?". These words allow you to find people who can help and express your gratitude. What use is tourist guide to you, if you learn how to ask questions, but do not understand answers?

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