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Food in Venezuela

by CreativeThings
(Valencia, Venezuela)

Venezuela Food - Arepas

Venezuela Food - Arepas

by CreativeThings
(Valencia, Venezuela)

Try to always drink bottled water, especially if you go to Valencia, for it has the highest water contamination levels of all the country.

Despite that, Venezuela food has a delicious variety of recipes.

So, I give you some of the best foods you have to eat if you really want to say you visited Venezuela:

1.    The first thing you have to eat is an “arepa”. It is a wheat flavor made food that you cook on the grill or in an electronic arepa maker. You can fill the arepas with, at least, everything you want. But for the Venezuelan folklore, there are the most famous ones:

a.    “Pelúa”: Filled with yellow cheese and pulled meat.
b.    “Reina Pepeada”: Filled with a salad of avocados and pulled chicken and covered with mayonnaise.
c.    “Dominó”: Black beans and white cheese.
d.    “Catira”: Filled with chicken and yellow cheese.

2.    The second thing you have to eat is the “cachapas”, a corn made dish. The best fill for them is white cheese with fried pig, covered with butter.

3.    The banana with its variations: sweet bananas, fried bananas, baked bananas.

4.    Also you have to eat patacones, that are made from sliced green (unripe) plantains cut either length-wise or width-wise and are twice fried.
You can eat it with chicken or meat.

5.    Another thing you can not forgot to try are the famous “pepitos”. They are like the American hot dog, but instead of having a sausage, they have meat, chicken, bacon, corn, French fries, lettuce, tomatoes and onion.

Also, you can cover it with sauces like garlic, bacon, cheese or spice sauce. You can find at every corner of the city a mobile pepitos’ car.

Here in Valencia, there is a street full of fast food places called “La Calle del Hambre”, that means “The Hungry Street”.

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