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Flower For Hope - January 2012 Peru Photo Contest

by Sloane Sheldon
(Farmington, CT)

~ Sloane Sheldon - Farmington, CT

This photo was taken in Cusco on a cold, wet December afternoon.

What were your feelings or impressions when taking this photo?
Loneliness, but at peace

I used a Nikon D40 for this photograph.

What tips or suggestions do you have for other photographers?
Pay attention to the background!

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Map of Cusco, Peru area:

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More Info on Cusco, Peru area:

Cusco is best known probably as the jumping off point for the train ride to Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes) as well as a cultural center for Inca and Andean life.

There's a lot to see in Cusco itself, not to mention easily accessible and very worthwhile archaelogical and scenic points close by.

When you arrive in Cusco, get checked in at your hotel or bed and breakfast, try to catch your breath and relax for a few hours. Then you may be ready to check out the city of Cusco itself.

Note the many buildings which incorporate the original walls built by the Incas. See the animal figures in relief on some of the ancient walls. Be sure to get photos of the main plaza and the brightly-colored clothes of the kids who are in abundance hoping for the tourist dollar.

But keep your hand on your wallet and don't flaunt valuables, as Cusco, like all tourist areas, is a mecca for pick-pockets.

I speak from experience, it being the only place I was seriously pickpocketed in my 20+ years in Latin America. :-(

However, I wasn't paying attention, and got sucked in by the "kids playing hide and seek in a crowd" routine.

On the other hand, nobody else I know has been taken advantage of there, so I wouldn't consider it a problem; just a word to the wise!

David from Inside-Peru

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