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"The Lost City of the Incas"

There are many airlines that fly to Peru.

On the lists below, we include the airlines that fly to Peru from the Americas, Europe, and other International locations.

If you have the time to research the net, any of the airlines that fly to or through your country may have a special on a flight to Peru.

It doesn't hurt to check if you are looking for the best prices.

Sometimes, however, better prices are obtained through companies who buy seats and resell them.

International Airlines that Fly to Peru from Various Countries

Five North America Based Airlines Flying to Peru:

  • American Airlines USA: Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa

  • Delta Airlines USA: Americas, Middle East, Asia, Oeania, Africa.

  • Spirit Airlines USA: Americas, Caribbean

  • Air Canada: Americas, Europe, Caribbean, Asia, Australia

  • Continental Airlines USA: Americas, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Africa

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Latin America Based Airlines Flying to Peru:

  • Aerolíneas Argentinas: South America, USA, Europe, Australia

  • AeroMéxico: USA. Europe, Australia

  • AeroSur Bolivia: South America, Spain, USA

  • Avianca Colombia: Central and South America, Caribbean, Europe, USA.

  • Copa Airlines Panamá: Americas, Caribbean

  • Lan Chile: Americas, Europe, China, Israel, Polynesia

  • Star Perú: Peru, Brasil partial

  • TACA/Avianca

  • TAM Brasil: South America and Europe

Europe Based Airlines with Flights to Peru:

Air Europa: Spain, USA, Central and South America, Africa

Air France: France, Ethiopia, USA, Central and South America, Asia, Middle East

Alitalia: Italy, Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Middle East Africa

Iberia España: Spain, Europe, Americas, Middle East, Africa

KLM Holanda: Europe, Americas, Caribbean, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Africa.

Flights to Lima Peru:

You will find that on most of the international airlines going to Peru, those are flights to Lima, Peru. From Bolivia, you can catch a flight that goes straight to Cusco.

That may be possible from Chile, but flight legs are constantly changing depending on the traffic destinations (tourist season), etc.

For flights to Lima, Peru from within the country or fights out of Lima, Peru to other minor airports, see Internal Peru Airlines for flights within Peru.

For airplane tours in small planes, from luxury to budget, go to Peruvian Airlines Overflights and Tours

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