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Feliz Año Nuevo - January 2012 Peru Photo Contest

by Sarah
(Houston, Tx)

~ By: Sarah -

Houston, Tx


This photo was taking during the New Year celebrations in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. It was a beautiful night to ring in 2012 and the view was amazing; we had 180 degrees of fireworks for several hours.


I was in the country with a medical missions group from my university and I had camped out on this wall for several hours when we learned that fireworks would be shot from the beach below. Since I use bulb shutter on my camera to capture fireworks, I must have my camera on a tripod or flat surface. This overhang proved to be perfect.

Equipment and Conditions:

I used my Nikon D50 with 17-55mm lens. I was at ISO 1600 and using my shutter speed set to bulb. I just depressed my shutter button when it "felt right"

In one hand, I was shooting with this camera and in the other, I had my Canon S90 point and shoot filming the surrounding celebrations. In my mouth I had a horn streamer so I could contribute to the excitement of the new year.

I could tell on my tiny screen that it was a decent shot, but it wasn't until I got home that I realized what I had captured. Every night I walked to this same spot in an attempted to take a long exposure image and clearly capture the cross and this is the only one where I managed to do so.


image makes my heart smile. Celebrating the new year as a Peruvian was an amazing experience, but the photo also reminds me of the medical work we did and the people we touched during our stay in Lima.

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