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Interesting Facts About Peru, Peru Facts

Where can I find interesting facts about Peru?

Well, right here in our pages, you will find many facts about Peru discussed in detail.

On this page, we look at:

facts about Peru
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Here is where you can find interesting facts about Peru and the answers to many of your questions about Peru.

"Facts are to the mind what food is to the body"
~ Edmund Burke (British Statesman and Philosopher, 1729-1797)

Major Peru Facts 

For facts are useful to know if you are thinking of traveling to Peru or just inquiring about information, see the following pages on important Peru facts:

Peru Facts
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Peru Facts
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Peru Facts
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Peru Facts
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Peru Facts
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Peru Facts
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Because most of us are schooled almost entirely in the basic facts of our own countries but very little in facts of other countries, it is natural for those of you interested in Peru to want to know about more important Peru facts like the above.

On the other hand, we all like facts that are like tidbits of information, widening our knowledge of other places. So here are some interesting facts about the country of Peru.

Interesting Facts About Peru

  • The highest city in the world is in Peru. La Rinconada, Peru, located near a gold mine, is at an altitude of 16, 732 feet (5,100 meters) above sea level, making it higher than any other city.
  • Peru has a coastline of 2,414 km (1,500 mi), longer than the  Pacific Coast of the USA.
  • Highest mountain in Peru: At 6768 meters (22,200 feet), Huascarán is the highest mountain in Peru. It is also the highest mountain in the world's tropical zones.
  • Lowest point in Peru: At 34 meters (111 feet) below sea level, the Bayovar depression in the Sechura desert of coastal Northern Peru is the lowest point in Peru.
  • The world's deepest canyon is in Peru? Or is it not?  
    • Now the confusion - Under "Colca Canyon," Wikipedia states that its depth is 4,160 meters" (13,648 feet). However, under "Cotahuasi Canyon," Wikipedia indicates that the Cotahuasi Canyon of Peru is deeper and that the Colca Canyon is only 3,200 meters (about 10, 500 feet) deep...and neither is the deepest in the world.

    •  Please add your comment on this here.

  • Most of the asparagus on the world market is grown in the coastal deserts of Peru (at the expense of the already depleted water table).

  • Over 52% of Peru's land is covered in  rainforest and much of that is not accessible by road.

  • The world's #1 Best Certified Organic Coffee comes from a tiny campesino (peasant) farm in Peru's mountains

  • Over 300,000 Peruvians live in the United States. Are you one of them? Are you far away from your home town? Are you home sick? Please visit Mi Pueblo Natal (My Home Town) which is a website that allows you to write information about your home town, create your own space, and visit it when ever you feel the need to recharge.

Again, on the pages of Inside-Peru, we cover not only the more important facts such as the ones listed near the top of this page, but will add other interesting bits of information about Peru as we dig them out!

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