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Emergency Ambulance in Peru

by John

If you have a medical emergency that requires hospitalization and are not in a town with a hospital, how do you get emergency transportation?

ESSalud, a national health service, has "postas" or posts in most towns in Peru.

If they have an ambulance, you can rent it along with personnel to take you to the hospital.

So just ask where the posta is and have someone get the ESSalud ambulance right away.

If there is no ESSalud posta or ambulance, get the nearest person to get a car or van to take you.

"Fletar un auto" is the way to say "rent a vehicle" and it will come with a driver.

So "ambulancia de ESSalud" or "fletar un auto a la hospital."

Those are my suggestions. If someone else knows other ways or can correct this, please add your comment.

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