Peru Flag Colors

El Tambo, Ossining, NY- USA

by Rajeev Gonsalves
(Bangalore, India)

El Tambo menu

El Tambo menu

They were master sculptor-architects.

They built forts and palaces where none would be recommended, and even put in plumbing!

They mixed Baroque art creatively with native traditions and everything came out the better for it.

This fascinating neighbourhood with powerful deities and sacred plants, mountains enshrouded in clouds and magic, seas full of seafood karmically headed directly for the wok, attracted the Arabs, the Spaniards, the Africans, even the Chinese… basically anyone who had a sailing license.

Peru: is it any wonder that some of the most evocative and inspiring food came from their stovetops?

Weaving-in this happy, buoyant cultural promiscuity into its culinary traditions as deftly as its mountain weavers choreographing an impossible intrigue of vibrancy and pathos into a rug of wool, today Peru food enchants across the globe.

The Empire strikes back…in Ossining, NY!!!

The latest ‘tambo’ for some traditional Peruvian fare, El Tambo today has an India-origin owner, uses Japanese machinery and throws a magical Ceviche together.

What’s unusual about it, you ask?

They do it on the stomping ground of Ford and Wrigleys, hamburgers and Coke… right in New York!!! …quite in keeping with the melting pot homeland where it all started.

Roll up next door to the Library and loosen your belt!

El Tambo, Ossining brings some of the mystique and flavours of Peruvian food to NY.

In its tasty treats...
  • Marranitas
  • Causa De Camerones
  • Ensalada De Palta (Aguacate)
  • Sopa De Pescado’ll find more than a hint of the breathless heights of Machu Picchu, the steamy seduction of Mancora and the haunting percussion of their music.

Nibble on the Causa Rellena (a creamy mashed potato cake with a tuna salad filling) and you could be sitting across a pre-Columbian warlord’s table, listening to his wife play the charango.

So the boat to Peru isn’t due to leave for a while yet?

No worries.

There’s enough time and plenty of mouthwatering reason to expand your Peru cuisine ‘horizons’ even before setting out.

  • the colour,
  • the variety,
  • the distinctive dimensions of South American food

Discover Peru on your palate, right in Ossining, NY.

Chef Lucy, the singing wonder from Cusco, is ever-ready to drum up a delicacy and if you’re lucky, you might hear her sing a Peruvian tune.

Just expect to be enchanted like the Arabs, Chinese and Spaniards mere 1000 years before you stepped out of that taxi.

El Tambo awaits.

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