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East Coast Beach Vacation and Travel Sites!

Whether you're looking for an east coast beach vacation, hiking in southeastern states, or just traveling the east coast of the United States, be sure to check out these sites.

We have chosen these sites among many others for their informative pages on various points of interest, including most of what a traveler to the east coast needs.



Welcome to the "Paradise Coast" that offers Visitors the Naples Experience, along with excitement and adventure found nowhere else.

Swaying coconut palms and sweeping white-sand beaches only begin to tell the story.

Come with me now, and let me help guide you in and around Naples Southwest Florida

 Are you wondering what an ideal location looks like? 

 Imagine the vacation spot you've dreamed of. 

Does it have a beach, sports you enjoy, how about a good time for the kids?

From big game fishing for dad, shopping for mom, to go carts for the kids, Pensacola Florida is the place.


North and South Carolina

east coast beach vacation North and South Carolina beaches

Read about the NC Outer Banks!

SC beach resorts!

  • fishing
  • golf
  • historical sites
  • food
  • and other tourist attractions.

While the East Coast of the United States would naturally refer to the whole Atlantic Coast, this term is sometimes used just to mean the states marked in solid red on the accompanying map.

When we talk about the beaches of the East Coast, on this site we refer to all the areas marked in red and red stripes.

As you can see, those areas include the west coast and panhandle of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, but for convenience sake, the whole of Florida is included in many maps as part of the "East Coast" of the United States.

Because of the clockwise ocean currents in all seas north of the equator, the water along the East Coast Beaches comes up from warmer southern latitudes.

Compared to the west coast, ie, California beaches, east coast ocean waters are relatively warm and, for a good part of the year, provide the perfect setting for an east coast beach vacation.


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