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Dusk at Kuelap - December 2011 Peru Photo Contest

by Matt Bye
(London, UK)

Dusk at Kuelap fortress, near Chachapoyas, looking out over the Utcubamba Valley.

Dusk at Kuelap fortress, near Chachapoyas, looking out over the Utcubamba Valley.

~ by Matt Bye - London, UK

Where was this photo taken?
- Kuelap fortress, near Chachapoyas, Peru, looking out over the Utcubamba Valley.

Date, time of day, and weather conditions?
- Early evening, September 2005.  Thunderstorms!

What were your feelings or impressions when taking this photo?
- Extreme tiredness as we'd just spent a LONG day on the motorbikes riding up to Kuelap - but then complete amazement at the dramatic landscape spread out in front of us!

A friend and I spent five months in Central & South America on motorbikes ( 

We decided to head off the beaten track and were very pleased with ourselves when we spotted a sign saying 'Kuelap -  9.8 km' - slightly less so when, we realised that in reality it's more like 40 km as the roads are far from straight! 

The ride there hugged what was presumably one of the old cart tracks, skirting the mountain feet and gradually climbing to about 3000m. 

The fortress itself a work of engineering genius, the sandy yellow walls standing almost six metres above us atop a sheer 75m drop to the cliff base. 

Views were predictably stunning, thunderstorms rolling in the distance in one direction - thankfully not ours - and the patterned folds in the rock from ancient volcanic action very prominent from our vantage point. 

What kind of camera and/or lens did you use?

- Canon 300D, Sigma 18-200 lens

What tips or suggestions do you have for other photographers?
- Take as many pictures as often as you can, and understand the non-auto modes on your camera.  Practice is everything!

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Map of Kuelap, N. Peru area:

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