Peru Flag Colors

During July my husband and I toured through Peru.

by Marita Gey van Pittius
(Somerset West, South Africa)


We hired a car and drove from Cusco to Puno at Lake Titicaca and from there to Arequipa and Chivay.

We noticed for many kilometers dogs lying by the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, you would see them lying next to the road, one lonely dog on its own, never more than one at a time.

We found it very strange and are wondering whether someone can tell us what they are doing there.


It is an ongoing problem in all 3rd-world countries. There is little or no control over the stray dog population.

So dogs mate and have pups year around - nobody owns them.

When you see them by the side of the road, they are out searching for food.

The roadside is where they are most likely to find something to eat and stay alive.

That's because many people throw their garbage out on the sides of the road.

You will see the dogs tearing about the plastic garbage bags searching for food. This is just about the only source of food for many stray dogs.

They will hang around the roads hoping to get fresh garbage.

They also become dehydrated due to lack of water in many areas.

The dogs you see are likely lying down because they are too weak to stand.

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