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Hotel Rumi Punku

As a travel-lover from the United States, I have traveled extensively throughout Peru, particularly Cusco and surrounding areas.

During my first trip to Cusco, I traveled with three friends, all eager to sightsee and learn about the culture.

Hotel Rumi Punku Cusco Peru Hotels
When my friends and I travel, we look for comfortable, centrally-located hotels where we can relax, yet easily access the highlights of the city.

So this is what we were looking for in Cusco, Peru hotels.

An excellent Cusco hotel we found is the Hotel Rumi Punku, a colonial-style hotel located on Choquechaka St. in Cusco.

I definitely recommend this hotel because it offers a good range of features and the hotel staff consistently makes an effort to make guests happy.

Here are some of the details:


One of the Rumi Punku's best attributes is definitely location.

Guests who walk a few blocks in one direction end up in the Plaza de Armas, while those who walk a few blocks in the other direction end up in San Blas.

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However, Rumi Punku is still far enough away to avoid the loud noise from the main square and nearby plazas.

In addition, the hotel is located on a street with little snack shops and a variety of dining options, from guinea pig to pizza!

Exceptional Service and Attention to Detail

While its location is definitely convenient, Rumi Punku also stands out among other Cusco Peru hotels for its attention to detail and exceptional service.

Cusco Peru Hotels Rumi PunkuTravelers are welcomed by a scenic courtyard, with lush, green plants and a water fountain. Bilingual (or multilingual) staff members are also available to address any questions or concerns.

During your stay, they are more than happy to assist with hotel services, phone calls, and city travel.

In addition, the entrance to the hotel is guarded by security for added safety.

Guests at Rumi Punku will find that breakfast is available each morning, along with made-to-order options.

Feel free to add some coca tea to the table, even sip it throughout the day; it's free of charge!

Rooms and Amenities

Rooms are comfortable and cozy, with heating (not always found in Cusco Peru Hotels), warm showers, and wi-fi, making guests feel truly at home.

Cusco Peru Hotels Rumi Punku

If the internet connection becomes slow or inconsistent, try the business center!

During the evenings, one can indulge in well-deserved relaxation at the sauna or socialize near the fireplace in the lounge.

Hotel Rumi Punku Cusco Peru HotelsThe soothing glow and homely environment is a perfect way to end the day at the Hotel Rumi Punku.

So if you're trying to find just the right place to stay among the many Cusco Peru hotels, you really can't go wrong with this one.

In my opinion, Hotel Rumi Punku provides a well-rounded experience for travelers who are looking for cozy accommodations in a centrally located area with an attentive staff and good ambience.

~ By Michelle

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