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What Currency to use in Peru?

What Currency to use in Peru?

What is the best currency to use in Peru?


Hi! That's a good question, especially for those who use something other than US Dollars.

Basically, here is what to expect:

Peru accepts the Euro and USDollar in most cities at tourist oriented locations.

Other currency may be changed at banks.

Peruvian currency is in units of the "sol" or "soles" (plural) and is the most used currency in the country.

ATMs are widely available in Peru and will issue cash in your choice of USD or soles if that is your currency of choice.

If you are using US dollars, bring a limited amount of cash and use the ATM when needed. Take the money out in soles, as that is more useful and you get a better purchase price than with dollars.

If you are changing money from another currency, use a bank since you will get an accurate exchange rate.

Don't trust a money changer on the street unless he is recommended by locals.

Don't trust a private money changer's calculator, though. A friend a few weeks ago caught a calculator which had been manipulated somehow to give the wrong change.

On the other hand things are relatively cheap here in Peru, so your money will go a long way if you want it to.

Have fun!

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