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Curiosidades de la Naturaleza - March 2012 Peru Photo Contest

by yersson leon alegria

Curiosidades de la Naturaleza

Curiosidades de la Naturaleza

~ By: yersson leon alegria, Lima-Perú

El Maguey seco tomando formas  muy peculiares,aparenta ser una letra "S" o un reptil

The dry maguy plant takes on strange shapes, looking here like a letter "S" or a reptile

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Added information about Peru's maguey plant:

The maguey plant is known also as agave and is found in its natural setting from Mexico down through tropical Central and South America.

It is commonly called the "century plant" because of the long times between flowering. However, the period of time depends on several factors and can be much shorter than 100 years.

When it does flower, the maguey produces a distinguishing flower stalk, sometimes towering 10 or more feet in height.

It has been common in landscaping in some areas of the United States and Europe.

Although the maguey looks like a cactus or the aloe family, it actually belongs to neither of these plant families.

It has many traditional uses, being edible in all its parts, medicinal, and also used for potent alcoholic beverages among other uses.

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