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Cultural Heritage Sites Peru

by Davy Schneider

Pampa Colorada Nazca RegionPampa Colorada

Cultural Heritage Sites Peru

In March 2010, the National Institute of Culture of Peru (the INC) named 75 archaeological and historical sites to its list of Cultural Heritage Monuments.

These sites are located in the departments of La Libertad, Ancash, Lima, Pasco, Huancavelica, Arequipa and Cusco.

The importance of this list is that each of these sites becomes a protected zone. Approval for any type of project that would have an impact on these sites must be obtained from the INC before work can be begun. This would include such things as mining, roads, canals, housing, or agricultural projects.

Among the many protected sites are the following important locations:

Guadalupito I, II, and II - Northern Peru, Department of La Libertad, Province of Viru

Lampas I, II, and III - Southern Peru, Department of Puno.


Yatahuaín I and II

Pampa Colorada

Ayarmachay - Department of Lima

Pumarinri - Department of Lima

Gorgor - Department of Lima

Siscaymarca - Department of Lima

Rapazmarca - Department of Lima

Lacashmayo - Department of Lima

Tranca II - Pasco

Ventanilla - Pasco

Pampa de Cochamarca - Pasco

Palca - Department of Huancavelica, Huaytará province

Chancara - Department of Huancavelica, Huaytará province

Espicia - Department of Huancavelica, Huaytará province

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