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Fascination! The best Central America travel sites draw you right into CA life and culture. Here are some reviews of Central America travel sites and what we found.

The Aztecs and Mayan Civilizations left plenty to see in the way of archaeological sites, mostly in the northern countries of Central America.

The cuisine of Central America, with it's hot chili spices, beans, and corn mixed with pork, beef, chicken and/or especially seafood, is a taste treat.

The sites we are compiling on this page are sites that not only contain some of the best Central American travel deals, these travel sites go much further; providing entertaining and informative content on culture, customs, people, and photos as well as where to go and what to see.


El Salvador

El Salvador was recently voted by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 countries to visit!

This may not be the first place that comes to your mind when you're thinking of where to go on vacation, and that's exactly why you should be planning a visit!

Why is this tiny country a great vacation destination in Central America?

Explore El Salvador and find out!


Map of the Countries of Central America

About Central America Countries

Central America is a subcontinent stretching between North America and South America.

It is bordered along the northeast-facing coastline by the Caribbean Sea and along the southwest-facing coastline by the Pacific Ocean.

In the north, the Central America countries start to the southeast of Mexico and stretch almost due southeast to Colombia in Northeastern South America.

Their are seven countries in Central America.


In alphabetical order, the countries of Central America are:

Costa Rica
El Salvador


From North to South, the Countries/Capital cities are:

Belize - Belmopan
Guatemala - Guatemala City
Honduras - Tegucicalpa
El Salvador - San Salvador
Nicaragua - Managua
Costa Rica - San Jose
Panama - Panama City

Color is a dominant part of life in the  Central American countries.

Not only does the animal and plant life of the natural surroundings provide bright colors; the towns, houses, clothing, and art reflect the vibrant hues and colors that are part of the culture.

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