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Costabella Hotel, Piura, Peru

by David and Lin Schneider
(Los Organos, Piura, Peru SA)

Costabella Hotel Piura Peru 1

Costabella Hotel Piura Peru 1

Costabella Hotel Piura Peru 1
Costabella Hotel Piura Peru 2
Costabella Hotel Piura Peru 3
Costabella Hotel Piura Peru 4

March 2014 - Lin and I have stayed in the Costabella a number of times since the original post below.

It is still recommended as a decent hotel.

However, prices have gone up a bit at the Costabella as elsewhere.

It now costs approximately $35.00 USD for two people.

Piura is experiencing a lot of growth mainly due to the extensive agriculture along the Piura and the Sullana River valleys.

To get to the Costabella from Mancora , take EPPO busline. It will make 3 stops before Piura.

Once at the Piura bus station, take a taxi to the Costabella using the address shown in the photo above.

Cost of the taxi should be about S/.5+ soles.

For a cheaper but decent alternative, try the Hotel San José, Av. Grau 1737

May 2009 - When Lin was having pain in her right side, we went to the Hospital Privado between Piura and Catacaos. We ended up having to overnight.

We caught a taxi in front of the Hospital and asked the driver to take us to a hotel, not-too-expensive, not-too-cheap.

He took us to the Costabella. It is located near the Plaza de Armas. When we went to our room on the 2nd floor, we saw a sitting room. When I went in there later, I saw more American books than I had ever seen before in a South American hotel.

I found a Lonely Planet book there and looked up this hotel. It said "a favorite of the Peace Corps." Aha, that's why so many books, I thought.

Sure enough, there were 5 nice Peace Corps guys and gals there at the time. The rooms were decent, the staff nice, prices about $25 USD for two a night.

See more traveler reviews of the Costa Bella Hotel at TripAdvisor

Now this was in the cooler part of the year, so what it's like in the hot days, I'm not sure. They don't have air conditioning. There is good hot water, though. Fans are available.

I would recommend it and we will stay there again.

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