Computer Service/repair

by Corinna
(Villa El Salvador, Lima, peru)

Hey everybody,

My Dell Laptop is broke and I need someone that can fix it as soon as possible? Can anyone of you recommend a computer specialist in Lima?

Thank you,

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Computer repair in Peru
by: Anonymous

I can't speak for Lima since we live in a different part of Peru.

But what I would do is ask at a reputable computer sales store (speak to the owner if at all possible) and ask him who he recommends.

We've found that computer repair here is extremely cheap. In the USA, it costs more to repair a computer than the computer is worth, but in Peru, it is well worth it to get your computer fixed.

We have actually kept an inoperative laptop for two years while in the United States and then brought in to Peru when we returned and got it fixed.

It works fine and is a good backup to our newer laptops.

Also, once fixed, you can sell it and get more money than you've put into it (as long as it's not too out of date).

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