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Colca Trek | Colca Canyon Tours in Peru

One of the deepest canyons in the world, the Colca Canyon in Peru is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon of the United States and offers you the unique chance to see the world's largest bird in flight, close up.

The Colca Trek and Colca Canyon Tours

Where to start:

A flight from Peru's capital city, Lima, takes you 760 miles to the south to Arequipa, Peru's second largest city. From there, the actual Colca Canyon trek will be 90 miles to the north.

A Colca trek or tour will generally start in Arequipa. There are special rafting tours, bicycle tours, and tours geared to your specific interests.

It is worth while to lump a tour of Arequipa in with your Colca trek rather than doing them separately.

Features of the Colca Trek or Tours:

There are several reasons why tours of the Colca Valley and Canyon are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Probably the best-known reason for going is to be able to say you've experienced the magnificence of a canyon twice as deep as North America's Grand Canyon.
Condor Colca Trek Colca Canyon Tours Peru

For birders or other's interested in seeing the largest flying object in nature, the condor, the Colca Canyon is the place to go.
  • It's pretty much 100% guarantee that you will not only see the condor, but also be close enough to take spectacular photos.

  • There are several vantage points to see these condors. These are located on the higher parts of steep and deep valley walls. The condors catch the updrafts and come soaring along the walls, many times just a few yards from the outlook.

Here are some tours that we would highly recommend:

  Arequipa / Colca Canyon TYPE: Bus Tour  
From: Axel Tours Days: 4 Prices From: $265.00
Visit one of the deepest canyons in the world and observe the flight of the Condor and the city of Arequipa with its magnificent churches...
More Info | Book Now

  From Colca canyon highlands to the Pacific Ocean TYPE: Bike Tour  
From: Cicloturismo Peru - Peru Cycling Days: 6 Prices From: $1067.32
Follow the Colca waters stream from the highlands canyon down to the Pacific Ocean. A unique experience through superb scenic beauty wilderness and culture & traditions rich towns
More Info | Book Now

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There are also other points of attraction on Colca Canyon tours and treks that are not as well known:

  • Pre-Inca terraces - Of interest are terraces remaining from an ancient culture predating the Incas.
  • Colonial Architecture - Hamlets or pueblos - such as Maca, Yanque, and Achom - are located in semi isolation along your trek and offer the opportunity to go back in time to the Colonial days of Peru's history.
Colca Trek Colonial
  • The Hanging Tombs and Hanging Bridge of Sifon
  • Hot Springs - In the upper valley near the river.
  • Local Culture - Amiable people with many dressed in the traditional clothes of their area.
  • Hummingbirds - When the Kantuta flowers are in bloom, you may take a tour to see thousands of hummingbirds, a really unique experience in a natural setting.

If you are up to it, a bike trek or rafting trip will take you places few tourists have been. Don't miss this Colca Canyon tour experience; it is really one of the highlights of any trip to Peru.

Colca Canyon tours

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