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Colca Canyon Peru Travel

by Barry Brady
(South Africa)

The Colca Canyon in Peru

The Colca Canyon in Peru

Arequipa, Peru

We used Arequipa, Peru as our base for some excursions and from there we set off to the Colca Canyon.

The Colca Canyon

The Canyon itself is massively impressive at a depth of 3600m deep, it is the second deepest canyon in the world, the deepest is in Peru too.

It is also home to the Andean Condor, a massive raptor that soars the thermals in the canyon. We saw only a few on the day because the best time to see them is in winter apparently, however the ones we did see were inpressive in every way. The adult birds have a wingspan of 3m and soar silently above the huge canyon, they are majestic.

We stayed in a small town deep in the canyon called Chivay. It was set in the valley that leads to the Colca Canyon and we stayed in a riverside lodge that was rustic, but the setting was amazing. During the excursion, we went up to 4910m above sea level and were treated to some magnificent high altitude scenery, something that Peru is famous for.

We also had dinner in local eateries and have concluded that Peruvian food is simply delicious.

There is a huge variety of dishes some exotic (like Cuy - roasted guinea pig) some more mundane like the potato broths that they serve.

Also, Coca leaves and tea are commonplace at these high altitudes to help travellers adjust to the dizzying heights.

We had a traditional folk music evening one night with the pan flutes and dancers dressed in full traditional wear, really special and we were transported to another place.

On the trip back from Chivay, we were witness to a snowfall at the high altitude mountain pass of 4900m and we watched the landscape change before our eyes.

Our driver stopped to let us get some images of the new snow and it was magical, the snow had stopped falling , but the high mountains were silent and the soft freshness of the new snow was amazing. It was an incredible weekend!

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