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Climate in Lima Peru

The climate in Lima Peru is just one of many different climate zones within a short distance of one another. To see what the climate is like in Lima year round and why, we'll take a brief look at the general climate of Peru and then hone in on Lima.

Peru, just like other countries in the world, has its seasons and different weather pattern. It is not all hot, humid, and tropical like you would think.

On this page, we discuss the following:

Brief Overview of Peru's Climate

  • There are three geographical areas of Peru which make up twenty-eight weather regions. 

  • Peru lies almost entirely in the Southern Hemisphere, so "seasons" are the opposite of the USA, Europe, and Asia.

  • Since Peru is in the tropics (close to the Equator), climate changes are the result mainly of changes in ocean temperature and/or rainfall rather than seasons. 

  • With the vast range of weather in Peru, the climate results in a large variety of landscape and biodiversity.
Spring starts from September 23rd to December 21st. Summer is December 22nd to March 21st. Autumn or Fall is March 22nd to June 21st. Winter is June 22nd to September 22nd.

The Climate in Lima Peru in Relation to Peru's Coast

Climate in Lima Peru
Climate in Lima Peru Beach
Lima Beaches

Lima is located on the Pacific Coast near the middle of Peru. Here is the setting:

North Coast of Peru - On the very north coast, in summer, temperatures can get very warm, to the upper 80’s.

In winter it is rainy and humid (on the border with Ecuador) and much drier the farther south you go. The winter temperatures can drop to the upper 60s.

Middle and South Coast of Peru - Here the temperatures in the summer may at times get into the middle 80s, while winter temperatures can get down to the 50s.

The Climate in Lima Peru - Specific Lima Coastal Setting

The capital city of Peru is Lima. The weather in summer averages in the upper seventies to low eighties and winter is usually cloudy, damp, and gray with temperatures in the fifties. This is because Lima sits in the middle of the southern/northern coastal strip of Peru.

The weather in Lima is marked by usually almost no rainfall, desert-like conditions, and semi warm. Rainfall amounts are not more than 5.9 inches a year in a very wet year. The coastline is usually barren except where irrigated, where it turns very green.

The climate in Lima Peru is affected by the cold offshore current which comes up from the Antarctic Region.

Climate in Lima Peru
Climate in Lima Peru Beach
Lima Coast

This cold air acts as a damper on the warmer air in the interior.  Condensation occurs when the cold air meets the warm air, so Lima can be overcast much of the time but with mild temperatures. The condensation, however, does not rise to the point of much rainfall as noted.

That being said, the climate in Lima Peru is mild.

Basically there are two seasons, winter and summer.

Temperatures between the two are not that big with cold not usually getting under the upper 50s.
  • Summer low temps are in the upper 60s to 70s.
  • Winter highs may be in the upper 70s and lows in the 60s.
  • Winter is characterized by general overcast, no rain, and mild temperatures.
  • Summer is a little warmer with many sunny or partly sunny days.
The climate in Lima Peru is attractive to many and is similar to Southern California with even less of a difference between highs and lows.

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