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Inside Peru Home - Cheap Hotels in Cusco Peru

Cheap Hotels In Cusco Peru

Here at Inside-Peru, we have done some web research to save you time to find you the best information we can on cheap hotels in Cusco, Peru. 

This short list will give you a good sample of Inside-Peru's great selection of affordable Cusco Hotels and Hostels.

Our complete list of affordable hostels and hotels is the best compilation you'll find just about anywhere.

You might like to look at our recommended Luxury Cuzco Hotels also.

You'll really be amazed at the number of excellent lodgings there are in Cusco - and at GREAT prices!

Cheap Hotels in Cusco - Sample list:

LOKI Backpacker Hostel, Cuesta Santa Ana #601
Dorms From:$8.00
LOKI Backpacker Hostel
Loki Backpackers Hostel which has been built in a newly restored 16th century colonial house. More Info from Inside-Peru...
Hospedaje Turistico Recoleta, Jiron Pumacahua 160
Dorms From:$10.00
Privates From:$10.00
Hospedaje Turistico Recoleta
Hospedaje Turistico Recoleta is a charming family owned guest-house just a short walk from the Plaza de Armas (main square). More Info from Inside-Peru...
Samay Wasi Youth Hostels-Cusco, Calle Atoqsaycuchi No.416 San Blas
Dorms From:$10.26
Privates From:$12.54
Samay Wasi Youth Hostels-Cusco
Samay Wasi Youth Hostels Cusco is the best option for you, stay in a safe, clean and comfortable new place in the magical and historical city of the Inca Empire: CUSCO... More Info from Inside-Peru...
Pirwa Backpackers Colonial, San Francisco Square 360
Dorms From:$7.00
Pirwa Backpackers Colonial
Located near the centre of town , at only two blocks from Plaza de Armas del Cusco, More Info from Inside-Peru...
Casa de la Gringa, Corner Tandapata and Pasnapacana 148, San Blas
Privates From:$12.54
Casa de la Gringa
Casa de la Gringa has moved to the famous San Blas area in Cusco. The new hostel too, has a great atmosphere, lots of colour and art, great energy! San Blas is the trendy area of Cusco. More Info from Inside-Peru...
Dream Hostel, Urb. Lucrepata D - 8
Dorms From:$6.00
Privates From:$10.00
Dream Hostel
Dream Hostel properties we take care of little details to offer you a pleasant and comfortable stay. More Info from Inside-Peru...
Pirwa Backpackers Familiar, Calle Carmen Alto # 283
Dorms From:$7.50
Privates From:$8.00
Pirwa Backpackers Familiar
Our hostel is attended by its owners so it is a comfortable, friendly place with a homely and welcoming atmosphere More Info from Inside-Peru...
Pariwana Hostel Cusco, Mezón de la estrella 136
Dorms From:$8.00
Pariwana Hostel Cusco
Pariwana Hostel Cusco lies in a colonial house built in the 16th century. The beauty of our hostel can be compared to any 5-star hotel in the city of Cusco More Info from Inside-Peru...

See our complete list of affordable hostels and hotels - just about the best compilation you'll find anywhere.

You might like to look at our recommended Luxury Cuzco Hotels also.

Lima to Cusco Map:

Lima to Cusco Peru map

By road, the distance from Lima to Cusco is about 1,000 kilometers (621 miles). By bus, it takes about 20 hours. If you have never had motion sickness, this may be the chance for a new experience.

By air, flight time to Cusco from Lima is 1 hour and 10 minutes (direct flights).

Discover Cusco (Cuzco) - If you are considering visiting Cusco, Peru, you will be amazed by the richness and tranquility of this city nestled in the mountains. Where to begin...

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