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Best Peruvian Ceviche Recipes

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Ummm, that salty seafood taste with a bite! Here we begin our best recipes for ceviche, Peruvian style.

What is ceviche (cebiche)?

A ceviche (sebiche, seviche or sibichi), is a dish consisting of seafood marinated in citrus dressing.  The most common ceviches use preparations of fish, shellfish, or both.

Different versions of ceviche are part of the cusine of many Latin American countries along the Pacific Ocean coastline, such as:
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador,
  • Guatemala
  • Colombia
  • Panama
  • Costa Rica
  • Nicaragua
  • and Mexico.

Your first experience with ceviche may have been on a trip to Mexico. However, most experts agree that ceviche originated in either Peru or Ecuador. We'll vote for Peru.

In Peru, ceviche is a widely consumed traditional food.

With the surge in popularity of "The Art of Peruvian Cuisine" on the world's elite menus, it is being considered formally as a part of the nation's cultural heritage.

Its history dates back to pre-Columbian times.

Restaurants known as cevicherias serve this dish exclusively and are usually full of hungry people.

On the other hand, even restaurants that aren't specifically "cevicherias" along the coast of Peru include ceviche as a salad or main dish on their menus. And it is delicious!

Recipe for Cebiche de Pescado (Fish Ceviche)

 One of the best-loved dishes of the Peruvian coast!

Ingredients (serves eight):

1 kilo of fish (bonito, sea bass, or white fish, fileted)

3 boiled potatoes

3 onions, sliced lengthwise

1 hot pepper, sliced

3 sticks celery, chopped

2 sprigs cilantro, chopped

2 cups lemon juice

3 tablespoons minced garlic

2 tablespoons ground yellow pepper

salt and pepper to taste


  •     Refrigerate the fish before preparing so that it is quite cold but not frozen.
  •     Cut the fileted fish cut into small pieces.
  •     Mix with lemon juice, crushed garlic, sliced hot pepper, chopped cilantro, yellow chiles and chopped celery.
  •     Marinate for 30 minutes.
  •     When the lemon juice has cooked the fish, add salt to taste.
  •     Sprinkle with sliced onions.
  •     Just before serving, garnish the ceviche with sweet potato and sliced chilli.

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