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Lima, the Capital of Peru

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Lima, capital of Peru: As the jumping-off point to the rest of Peru, it is Lima, the capital city of Peru, that makes the important first impressions on the visitor.

On this page:

  • Video Highlights of Lima, Capital of Peru
  • Memories of Lima
  • Lima - the Move to Urbanization
  • Why You Must See Lima

On this page you'll find a video on Lima's highlights, some of my early memories of Lima, a little about Lima's shanties, and a few of the many reasons you really should take the time to visit Peru's capital city.

Video Highlights of Lima, Capital of Peru

Note a few of the features shown in this video that make Lima and city not to be overlooked in your travels to Peru.

Memories of Lima

What I remember most my early days in the Peruvian capital city of Lima  in the 1950s were the green parks, the dry surrounding hills, the thrill of high-flying kites, the smell of wonderful roasting coffee emanating from the Chinese tiendas...

...anticuchos grilling over coals on the street corner, the usually overcast skies, the sound of gunshots in the city center during the yearly (it seemed) revolutions, and the first Ford T-Bird I ever saw in the year 1956.

All of these things can be seen still, although the T-bird is probably pretty hard to find.

Lima - the Move to Urbanization

As in many countries, the move to the capital of Peru of land-poor indigenous people  in search of an adequate way of life has led to all the typical problems:

  • Lack of sufficient clean drinking water
  • Poor sewage system coverage
  • Inconsistent garbage pickup
  • Inadequate housing
  • General failure of infrastructure to keep up with growth

These factors and others have resulted in very poor living conditions in overcrowded and impoverished neighborhoods in much of the city area. However . . .

Lima also has its modern, up-to-date hotels and restaurants as well as neighborhoods with the typical SUVs, malls, movie theaters, and other trappings of an imitation USA, if you look for them.

The tourist is well provided for, as there are many available hotels, galleries, museums, even archaeological sites as well as some of the best cuisine in the world all within a short distance of the city center.

Peru's Capital, Lima...

...or "Why you should not miss this city"

Here's our main suggestions for Lima, capital of Peru:

  1. Paragliding
  2. Larco Mar Seacliff Mall, Miraflores
  3. Food - Experience a variety of great Peruvian menus
  4. Plaza de Armas and Old City Center
  5. Pre-Inca ruins - Huaca Huallamarca, Huaca Pucillana

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