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Can I Bottle Chicha de Jora?

by Nathaniel

I have been wanting to make some chicha for a long time now and finally after having a few home made brews under my belt I feel that I am confident enough to attempt it.

I have done some homework on it, looked at several different websites and I feel ready to tackle it.

Then I noticed one reoccurring thing with everyone who made some, no one bottles it.

I started thinking on this. Why no one was, and could I?

So the main reason for this email is to ask you if you have tried to bottle chicha.

(Now you can find it on

Do I just bottle as a normal beer with priming sugars?

Are the sugars that's in the chicha already enough so I don't need the priming?

Is it even a good idea, being that there might be to much pressure and make the tops poop?

I'm really excited to try this, but thought I would look for a little guidance from you first.

I would greatly appreciate any help you can give.

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